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Miyamoto speaks yet again

by Kosta Andreadis - June 6, 2000, 1:12 am PDT
Source: IGN64

Shiggy and Mr. Aonuma get down with IGN.

Well can we ever get tired of hearing the main man talk (well vaguely) about everything Nintendo? Probably not, and at our parent site IGN64, Matt and the gang sat down with Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma (lead director for Majora's Mask) and discussed all things Nintendo. Did any startling Dolphin news emerge? Well in a word, no, but it's still fun to hear Miyamoto cleverly remove all facts about Dolphin and GBA from his answers. Following is all the Dolphin and GBA informaiton from the interview.

IGN64: For Majora's Mask you have reused a modified version of the Ocarina of Time game engine. Is this a philosophy that Nintendo wants to continue with in the future?

Miyamoto: Gamers like the fact that we use a familiar engine, don't you think? I believe that the gamers won't feel as if they are playing on the old engine. As a matter of fact, when it comes to game design, we have come up with many new ideas. And in the future too, once we have established a 3D action game engine, we may use it again. It is possible that even for Dolphin we may use a similar type game engine from now.

IGN64: Is Majora's Mask Mr. Aonuma's last N64 game? Are you moving on to a new platform?

Miyamoto: For Aonuma it is the last game for Nintendo 64, but there are other teams still working on the console.

IGN64: How long have you been working on the Game Boy Advance hardware?

Miyamoto: The Game Boy Advance isn't an exception towards our team's involvement in any new hardware product. I, for one, have been involved in the kind of circumstantial layout of some key games, like working with the team responsible for Pokémon Gold and Silver… for example, we made it more colorful and interesting not only for the Color display but also for the monochrome. Of course, we are working on several ideas and titles right now. I am right now in the process of deciding what titles and ideas are appropriate for the Game Boy Advance hardware.

IGN64: What are you most excited about on the Game Boy Advance hardware?

Miyamoto: Some day in Japan we are going to have a conference for third party developers, so until then I cannot explain to you in detail. But here's an example…when they were working on the Game Boy Color, I was thinking, what's so good about making the Game Boy into color? But after playing it, I realized, it's good! For no specific reason I said, yes, it's good to have the color display. And then when they were working on the Advance, I thought, yeah, it's a larger LCD screen, better graphics and such and such, and then when I played it, I thought, oh, yeah, it's good! I thought that it's good for no specific reason. Also, it's going to be 32-bit, and you can program in C language, so it'll be easier to make games for it.

IGN64: Space World is this August. What can we expect to see there this time?

Miyamoto: I'm sorry I cannot tell you the specifics just yet, but we will have titles for the Dolphin, Game Boy Advance, the cell-phone application, and several other things that we have never announced at all.

IGN64: How far along is Dolphin game development at NCL? In the US, no companies have working hardware development kits yet and are still in prototyping stages. What is NCL's situation in this respect?

Miyamoto: There are several different stages of the development tools and until the final one is ready we just cannot mass produce them. Even at NCL we're still dealing with simulation and emulation, but very soon we're going to have the final development kit ready. In the interim, we're working with incomplete setups. But soon the final kits will go out.

IGN64: So any chance of Mario or Zelda Dolphin titles at Space World?

Miyamoto: [laughs] I cannot tell. I was told to show them, but I just don't know.

IGN64: Do you know the real name of the Dolphin system?

Miyamoto: I'm not in the position to tell. [Turns to his translator and adds]: And you cannot tell either.

IGN64: What concerns you most about the Dolphin system?

Miyamoto: If it becomes too popular, we just cannot produce enough consoles. [laughs]

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