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Jackass's are neat!

by Billy Berghammer - February 22, 2000, 1:10 am PST
Source: Nintendorks

Toby ain't no foo'!

God bless Toby, the speculating jackass! At least if you're a big tetris (or Tetrinet) fan. Nintendo has posted a tetris poll (click here to check it out) on their website, including a question asking what Tetris games you have played. Very interesting listing of 2 Tetris games that don't exist yet, Tetris Gateway System, and Tetris Attack Gateway System. Toby speculates they are GBA network games. Granted this is all just more speculation...seeing is that Toby is a speculating jackass and all. :) We will be looking into this further.

Toby, the speculating jackass: Did you notice Nintendo's Tetris Survey? It's just a little something to show Nintendo how much you like that damn game, but what the hell are "Tetris Gateway System" and "Tetris Attack Gateway System?" has anybody heard of these? They're listed under What Tetris games have you played?, and come after the recent N64 and GBC Tetris games. I speculate these are internet multiplay Tetris games for GBA and Dolphin. Ok, so maybe they're not...but I'm Toby, the speculating jackass, and there's nothing you can do about it.

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