Some US Switch Demo Weekends Announced, My Nintendo Members Get Two Free Days

by Donald Theriault - December 13, 2016, 5:13 pm PST
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Exact details of where to use the golden ticket will be forwarded.

Some demo weekends have been announced for the Switch, and My Nintendo members will have some choice as to when to try the system out.

Communication was sent to some My Nintendo members today announcing Switch demo weekends in major US cities. The Friday and Saturday events are invite only while Sunday will be open to the public. Those entering on Friday and Saturday are permitted to bring one guest with them.

The events are slated for the following areas, with more potentially to be announced as well as exact event locations:

  • New York - January 13-15
  • Washington DC - February 10-12
  • Chicago - February 17-19
  • Los Angeles - February 24-26
  • San Francisco - March 3-5


LemonadeDecember 13, 2016

I hope this happens in Australia too.
The 3DS and Wii U got public demos before release.

ShyGuyDecember 13, 2016

I am not close enough to any of these cities.

BlackNMild2k1December 13, 2016

do i need to have already received my invite?

or have logged into my MyNintendo account w/in the last year or so?

MythtendoDecember 14, 2016

As usual I expect Nintendo to give the big middle finger to my area. Nintendo never brings ANY of their events within 5 hours of me. Whether it's their E3 demos, their Pokemon mall tours, the GameCube tour, or stuff like this. Nintendo couldn't care less about gamers around here.

StogiDecember 14, 2016

Did anyone receive an invite that can't go? And could I have it? I can make it to the one DC and would love to go.

nickmitchDecember 14, 2016

Guess my MyNintendo account isn't active enough. :(

Ding-dong ShalongDecember 14, 2016

Are they going to put out demos to the general public in addition to this, or are they pulling a Sega Saturn? HMU if you've got an extra LA ticket.

Dang, public demos starting in January? Sounds like Switch is set in stone, all that's left is manufacturing and the games to get ready for launch.

StratosDecember 18, 2016

WHY are there no demos around their company headquarters?!? Seriously, they should have a Nintendo store in the area and they should promote things here. It is where their headquarters are located. :Q

nickmitchJanuary 04, 2017

I dunno if they're sending out a second round of emails or what, but I just got one informing me to lookout for an eventbrite email?

Update: Got my tickets! Can't wait!

StogiJanuary 05, 2017

Quote from: Stogi

Did anyone receive an invite that can't go? And could I have it? I can make it to the one DC and would love to go.


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