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Hyrule Warriors DLC to be Sold on eShop

by Justin Berube - August 30, 2014, 6:01 pm PDT
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Nintendo didn't completely turn to the dark side.

All of the previously announced Hyrule Warriors DLC will eventually be sold in the Nintendo eShop, including all retailer and Club Nintendo exclusive DLC. While there was no specific pricing revealed today, we were told further information would be announced in the future.

Currently Nintendo has announced four different DLC sets that will be coming to Hyrule Warriors. Information on each set, and how to obtain them free before they go on sale, can be seen below.

Ganondorf Costume Set - Register Hyrule Warriors on Club Nintendo before 10/23/2014

Ocarina of Time Costume Set for Link and Zelda - Pre-order at GameStop

Twilight Princess Costume Set for Link and Zelda - Pre-order on Amazon

Skyward Sword Costume Set for Link and Zelda - Pre-order at Best Buy


StratosAugust 30, 2014

Nice to know you can at least acquire them all. I will probably only take the ones I can get for free but I like that they are there if I change my mind.

Manthony ChopkinsAugust 30, 2014

No Scarf? Boo....

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorAugust 30, 2014

Never doubted it for a minute. :D

MythtendoAugust 30, 2014

I'm glad Nintendo is doing this. I HATE when a game has retailer exclusive DLC and there is no other way to get the DLC (especially if different retailers have different exclusives).

Leo13August 31, 2014

I still wish there was a bundle with that awesome tri-force clock

Mop it upAugust 31, 2014

Still lame.

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorAugust 31, 2014

What's lame?

steveyAugust 31, 2014

Being nickel and dimed

Leo13September 01, 2014

So don't buy it. If nobody buys them then Nintendo won't do them again

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