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Taiko Drum Master Wii U Edition Coming to Japan This November

by Tom Malina - September 11, 2013, 3:53 pm EDT
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Drum 'til you drop.

A new entry in the Taiko Drum Master franchise has been announced for Wii U, to be released in Japan on November 21.

Unveiled in the most recent edition of Weekly Famitsu, this latest instalment in the long-running rhythm series will support the taiko drum peripheral from the Wii games, as well as a Wii Remote scheme and Wii U GamePad support for both button and touchscreen controls.

The song list includes several tracks from various Japanese anime series and a medley from the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title Pokémon X and Y, while the game will feature Mario and Luigi-themed costumes and a new multiplayer mode called Baton Pass.


ShyGuySeptember 11, 2013

Remember the Donkey Kong Bongos?

Leo13September 12, 2013

I loved donkey konga 2 except that it doesn't work with HDTVs we always had to pull out the 9 in tube tv to play

PodingsSeptember 12, 2013

I LOVE Taiko Drum Master.

And the Japanese have bought a million copies of the 3DS and Wii versions combined, so they seem to dig it too. Made by Namco and largely based on the original Taiko Drum Master arcade game, Donkey Konga made it to the west, but those two versions of Namco's original IP didn't. Here's hoping the Wii U version comes our way, complete with tiny plastic drum and sticks.

Yeah, picture delay from analog to digital got too big. :-/
Happens with Wiimote aiming as well, though not as game destroying an issue. I really should get a Wii U to avoid it.

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