ZombiU as a Franchise, Over 300k Dead Survivors 

by Zack Kaplan - January 17, 2013, 7:43 am PST
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Not a franchise...yet.

ZombiU shares the Zombi name with Ubisoft's very first game, but the relationship ends there.

According to Guillaume Brunier, producer of ZombiU, the game was already in development before the team realized the similarities between the two titles. Brunier reaffirms that ZombiU is not a remake of Zombi, but does joke that if this erroneous connection "helps ZombiU being a franchise, we should stop fighting for the truth!"

When asked what else the team might have planned similar to the special zombie they planted in the game a few weeks after launch, Brunier hinted that they have multiple ideas. He specifically mentioned the over 300,000 zombified survivors stored on their servers, adding, "who knows what we could do with them."

Brunier also commented on how impressed he is with Miiverse. He says the team is "on the Miiverse all day long, chatting with players, checking their status, admiring the crazy art they’re creating."

You can read our full interview with Guillaume Brunier and Florent Sacré here

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