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DreamRift Explains How Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion Came to Be

by Alex Culafi - May 6, 2012, 3:36 pm PDT
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The creative director claims that it happened out of coincidence.

DreamRift's involvement in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion was the result of "everything [aligning] more perfectly than we could have imagined," said Creative Director Peter Ong in an interview with NintendoLife.

The involvement with the studio started after finishing Monster Tale, and the studio was interested in the idea of creating a 3DS game where the player could paint or draw objects on the bottom screen, which would "then change into beautiful images that become an interactive part of a game-play environment." After this, DreamRift, who also made Henry Hatsworth, began talking to different publishers, like Disney Interactive, who the studio had a "great relationship with."

Coincidentally, Disney was already interested in bringing Epic Mickey to 3DS, with top priorities going towards creating a high quality game and a unique experience unlike the console versions. 

As it turns out, "the central mechanic that we had been prototyping was a great fit already for the idea of bringing Disney Epic Mickey to the 3DS, since in the console version, the core mechanic involves empowering the audience to control Mickey and paint objects into reality within your interactive environment."


MorcantMay 06, 2012

Still abnormally excited about this game. I Just wish it came out sooner.

Pixelated PixiesMay 06, 2012

This could be really awesome. I haven't played Monster Tale but have played Hatsworth. The latter of which I thought was a great game, but one which became too frustrating for me personally. I just hope this game doesn't become as brutal as Hatsworth did towards the end.

joshnickersonMay 06, 2012

Monster Tale was MUCH more polished than Hatsworth (I gave up on Hatsworth about halfway through, but went through Monster Tale to the end), and it had a better difficulty curve. I wouldn't worry too much.

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