More Epic Mickey 3DS Details Show Off Tie to Castle of Illusion Sega Genesis Game

by Neal Ronaghan - March 27, 2012, 1:51 pm PDT
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The DreamRift-developed platformer will make use of the stylus, feature classic characters, and show off wonderful parallax backgrounds in 3D.

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, developed by Monster Tale and Henry Hatsworth developer DreamRift, is actually a sequel of sorts to two different games: Epic Mickey, the 2010 Wii release, and Castle of Illusion, a 1990 Sega Genesis title.

The latest issue of Nintendo Power reveals the game, and the ensuing coverage details the game's mechanics. It is a platformer with 2D sprites and multiple layers of parallax that features a lot of stylus usage. The paint/thinner concept from Epic Mickey carries over, as you'll be able to use the stylus to draw items that will alter the world. For example, you might draw a platform into existence so you can jump to another area. Depending on your quality of drawing, the item will be more or less effective. You can erase items, as well.

Each level is based off of an animated Disney movie, ranging from Tangled to Peter Pan, and as you go throughout the game, you save different characters, such as Scrooge McDuck and Peter Pan. Additionally, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Minnie will appear in the game. The villain of the game is Queen Grimhilde, better known as the witch from Snow White, who was the bad guy in Castle of Illusion.

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is set for a fall 2012 release.


AdrockMarch 27, 2012

Kind of sounds like its taking a page out of Scribblenauts. I'm intrigued.

NinSageMarch 27, 2012

The more I see from the new Epic Mickey games, and the more I play of the original game (just started last week), the more this becomes a "just take my money" situation.

Aside from the worst camera ever, I'm really enjoying the first game.  Any improvements should make for a nice experience.

TJ SpykeMarch 27, 2012

I was about to say that EA Tiburon made Hatsworth, but then I checked and saw that DreamRift is made up of former EA Tiburon employees.

I wonder if they will have this interact with the Wii game in anyway.

leahsdadMarch 27, 2012

Yep those guys left EA Tiburon after Hatworth and struck it out on their own to make Monster Tale.

I have a lot of affection for Monster Tale, despite its problems. This sounds like a great match for DreamRift, can't wait to see it!

motangMarch 27, 2012

This will be the version I will be getting!  ;D

AdrockMarch 28, 2012

There are some screenshots over at The Magic Box. Power of Illusion looks like Genesis game. No, I don't mean that in a bad way. Looks like they're going the whole retro chic route. I dig it. Right now, I'm more excited about this than Epic Mikey 2.

MorcantMarch 28, 2012

Those backgrounds look really pretty. Still, I think I would have preferred something more like 3d land than straight up sidescrolling.'

I wasn't interested in the original game (or the console sequel) as I'm not that big of a Disney aficionado, but being a huge, huge Henry Hatsworth fan, this being a 2D platformer from DreamRift has me interested all on its own. I should also go back and grab Monster Tale, which I passed over due to lack of funds when it came out around the same time as the 3DS.

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