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Nintendo Sending Out Gifts to Active Club Nintendo Users

by Matthew Blundon - March 28, 2011, 6:14 pm PDT
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Nintendo is sending out a party package featuring a recently released Wii game.

North American Club Nintendo users may soon be finding a special gift from Nintendo at their doorsteps within the next few days.

If you are an active member of Club Nintendo, there is a chance that you could receive a free gift from Nintendo. The package, which includes a copy of Wii Party, a pink Wii Remote Plus controller, a Wii Party tip sheet, two Mii Masks, and a $25 Domino’s Pizza gift card, is being distributed to lucky Club Nintendo members.

On the package there is a note saying:

As a special surprise for being a loyal member, please enjoy this gift that includes a Wii Remote Plus controller, a copy of the Wii Party game, and more. Get your friends and family together for your own Wii Party, and get up and active with House Party games plus over 80 hilarious minigames. Thank you for being a member of Club Nintendo!

It is unknown as to what makes members eligible for this gift, but for those who actively use the program, don’t be surprised to see a box from Nintendo arrive in the near future!


EnnerMarch 28, 2011

Hmm, my last coin-earning purchase was Sin & Punishment: Star Successor in November of last year. I have my doubts since I'm guessing active means a club game per two months or quarter. If I do manage to qualify, I wonder if the Wii Party will have a Club Nintendo slip so I can get coins off of it. Oh, could this be the platinum reward for this year? I would assume not since it's so early. Maybe it's a gift for those who have maintained a gold or platinum status over multiple years.

Even if I don't manage to qualify, I still have my recently ordered hanafuda cards to look forward to!

broodwarsMarch 28, 2011

Wow, now that's pretty awesome.  I doubt I'm eligible, though, despite (as of tomorrow) being a Platinum member for a couple of years now.  Given the contents of the package, I have a feeling they're only sending these things out to members who have indicated on the surveys that there are multiple family members in your house.  Given that I'm the only person in my house who ever games, I don't think I'll be one of the people picked.  This is a very cool promotion, though.

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorMarch 28, 2011

Here's hoping I get picked.  I wonder if this has anything to with the amount of time it actually takes you to complete the survey once you've registered the item...

Retro DeckadesMarch 28, 2011

Any word on whether this applies to all of North America, or just the US?

You'd think they would have gone with a Pizza Hut gift card, but it's still a cool bonus.

pololmejorMarch 28, 2011

WHY NINTENDO! I live in Mexico and the best stuff in the US and Canada is the worst in Mexico and beyond. Do they not like us Mexican Gamers?
I mean, we don't get and Club Nintendo gifts, no big Launch Events or Netflix! AHHH! I Hate this!!

ThomasOMarch 28, 2011

Two Mii masks? Whose Miis are they?

NWR_pap64Pedro Hernandez, Contributing WriterMarch 28, 2011

Man, this sounds epic beyond belief. But knowing my luck and where I live I won't be getting this anytime soon. :\

jayceeMarch 28, 2011

Wow!  I just got home to find a box from Nintendo.  I was totally surprised.  This was pretty cool.  I'm already plat on my account so idk if thats a factor.  Also, my 2nd plat yr and I joined about a year ago.

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorMarch 29, 2011

I really wonder what the criteria for this will be.  For example, I already have Wii Party registered, so it'd be silly for them to send me another copy (NEED IT FOR MY OTHER WIIs NINTENDO!!!!!).

On the other hand, I really want the tip sheet and the Mii masks.  :D

Actually, I'm looking at those Mii Masks... I bet someone at a print shop could pretty easily make those - and customize them for one's own Mii.  And make a decent dime out of the process....

Ian SaneMarch 29, 2011

It's funny how exciting it is to get free stuff.  I don't want Wii Party, would feel a little silly owning a pink Wii remote, and I don't like Domino's.  And yet I'm thinking to myself "wouldn't it be cool if they sent this to me."

I figure I've got zero chance of getting this.  I'm in Canada for starters which probably knocks me out right there.  I don't have multiple family members at my house.  I have never registered any other Wii Series titles.  I'm a huge slacker for registering anything so I'm certainly not a Platinum member (I don't even KNOW - shows how little I care about Club Nintendo).

So was Wii Party a huge bomb?  They're sending a FULL GAME out for FREE.  I can't see them doing that if Wii Party was flying off the shelves.

EnnerMarch 29, 2011

Quote from: Ian

So was Wii Party a huge bomb?  They're sending a FULL GAME out for FREE.  I can't see them doing that if Wii Party was flying off the shelves.

According to VGchartz, Wii Party has so far sold about 79% more than Wii Music at 5,351,146 (Americas 1,256,087 - Japan 1,827,994 - EMEAA 2,267,065). The game has done pretty well for itself though it is far away from Mario Party 8's worldwide lifetime total to date of 7.4 million.

purevalMarch 29, 2011

Kind of wish I had not read this, now I will spend the next month checking the mail box excitedly and getting sad when I do not get one.

AVMarch 29, 2011

AWESOME NEWS. I am still in shock. I'll be very happy to get this gift in the mail if I qualify, but I have been VERY active on Club Nintendo.

I wonder if you can registrar the game :-)

jayceeMarch 29, 2011

Let me just say - I do not have multiple family members, so I don't think that's necessarily a factor.  I got a BLUE mote although I would've been ok with a girly pink one :)  I hadn't really thought about getting Wii Party nor am I a Dominos fan - but getting free stuff is definitely cool!!  I think Nintendo really stepped up on this one.

rlse9March 29, 2011

I'd be happy to get one of these but not getting too excited since the odds are probably more likely to not get one.  I'm kinda interested in Wii Party, probably not going to ever buy it unless it gets real cheap but for free I'd be happy to play around with it for a while.  I'd like a Wii Remote Plus since it's smaller than the Wii Remote +Wii Motion Plus but I don't need another remote in the house.  I'd prefer it was Pizza Hut instead of Domino's (what's up with that Reggie?) but free pizza is free pizza.

Crista GalliApril 02, 2011

Mine came in a huge box Thursday. What a great surprise.

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