First Bit.Trip Runner Trailer Released

by Pedro Hernandez - March 5, 2010, 10:56 am PST
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See Commander Video run in this new trailer for the next game in the Bit.Trip series.

Gaijin Games released the first gameplay trailer for Bit.Trip Runner, the fourth game in their Bit.Trip WiiWare series.

Unlike the previous games, however, players will control Commander Video directly. Runner will be a platforming title in which Commander Video runs through the stage. Players will make him jump or slide in order to avoid the obstacles. Like previous Bit. Trip games, Runner will have rhythm-focused gameplay.

The graphics will be in full 3D for some stages, though they will have the same Atari aesthetic.Some will be 2D stages that resemble old games. Finally, the soundtrack will be composed by chip tune-based Anamanaguchi, who will be performing at PAX East at the end of March.


This looks fantastic! They've upgraded the graphics by a long shot over previous games in the series. I disagree with the article's observation about 2D and 3D stages, though. They are probably the same, with the graphical style shifting based on your performance, as in previous Bit Trip games. It's just that the visual differences are far more drastic in Runner.

vuduMarch 05, 2010

Everything's happening so fast!  I can barely follow along watching someone else do it.  At this point I can't fathom being able to play this game well (not that it's going to stop me from trying).

Anyone else notice Meat Boy in the background at 1:29?

broodwarsMarch 05, 2010

This is looking like a fantastic leap forward (no pun intended) over the first 3 Bit.Trip games in quality and ambitiousness.  Definitely looking forward to it.

BlackNMild2k1March 05, 2010

This one doesn't seem to be as beat oriented as the previous games.
This one doesn't have sounds go to the beat everytime you jump, slide, bounce or collect items perfectly on beat.

Is this because the trailer doesn't have the game synced with the music and it's just an overlayed track?

broodwarsMarch 05, 2010

Quote from: BlackNMild2k1

Is this because the trailer doesn't have the game synced with the music and it's just an overlayed track?

I'd say that's extremely likely.  I don't see the whole "music-building" aspect of the series playing well in an advertising trailer, so they probably just took one of the stage's music tracks and just used it for BGM for the trailer.

StratosMarch 05, 2010

I agree with Brood. It's gotta be an overlay track for the trailer.

The retro sounding music at the end of the trailer is amazing. Makes me want to break out my NES and Game Boy to play some classic games.

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