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Nintendo Sets Date for European DSi Launch

by Greg Leahy - February 19, 2009, 9:04 pm PST
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The new handheld will launch in Europe just before it arrives in North America, with pricing yet to be confirmed.

Nintendo of Europe has announced that the DSi, the latest revision to the hugely successful Nintendo DS line of handheld gaming platforms, will go on sale across Europe on April 3 – two days before it arrives in North America. The system will be available in black and white at launch, just as it was when the DSi made its global debut in Japan during November of last year.

Pricing for the European markets has yet to be confirmed by Nintendo, but The Times is reporting that the DSi will retail for around £150 in the UK. If accurate, this would constitute a £50 premium over the cost of a DS Lite, and is also just £30 shy of the recommended retail price for Wii in Britain. The recent decline in the value of sterling against the yen is thought to have been a significant factor in Nintendo's UK pricing strategy, with no indications yet given for the Eurozone markets.

Nintendo DSi arrives in Europe on 3 April 2009

19 February 2009 - Nintendo will launch its new handheld console, the Nintendo DSi, in Europe on 3 April 2009. The Nintendo DSi will be available in black or white and is the thinnest and lightest member of the Nintendo DS family. The console is packed with new features that will excite fans of and newcomers to the Nintendo DS range.

There are many ways to have fun with the Nintendo DSi, from creating, customising and sharing photos with friends & family or listening to and experimenting with your favourite music, to playing more than 1000 Nintendo DS games and downloading new Nintendo DSiWare games directly onto your console. The Nintendo DSi also features built-in Internet browsing capabilities, meaning the fun begins the moment you switch it on!

Nintendo DSi brings motion-detecting cameras to handheld gaming

The Nintendo DSi incorporates two cameras, adding an entirely new dimension to gameplay. The cameras are able to accurately detect facial features and players' movements. Moving the upper body, hands, arms and head in front of the camera now means play can be directed by movement alone, bringing a whole new way of interacting with the handheld.

Play with your pictures

The Nintendo DSi's cameras face inside and outside; mounted on the console's flip-up lid so users can snap themselves or their friends and families just as they choose. What sets the Nintendo DSi's cameras apart, however, is that the Nintendo DSi Camera software comes fully loaded with 11 special camera effects so that users can take shots using a range of special effects.

Users can edit their images in real-time or after they're taken. Choices include a distortion tool which allows users to use the Stylus to distort their image in a variety of quirky and fun ways. Turn any face into fans' favourite Mario with his famous moustache and hat, or frame the image beautifully in a style of your choosing. Everything you create can be saved into a personal photo album which in turn allows you to use your Nintendo DSi as a personal digital photo frame! Users can share their snapshots with friends and family wirelessly. Or by saving the content onto an SD memory card, users can upload to their personal computer or their Wii and share with friends and family using WiiConnect24!

Play with sound

The Nintendo DSi has enhanced volume and sound quality so that users can experience the Nintendo DSi Sound application, as well as in-game music, at its best. As well as bringing portable music to the Nintendo DSi (as players will be able to play AAC-encoded music files on their console), Nintendo DSi Sound introduces new ways for Nintendo DSi users to experiment and play with sound and music – changing the pitch, speed and even apply effects to sound files that are played on the console.

For example, users can slow down a phrase in a foreign language to get the pronunciation just right. But they can equally have fun recording their own voices and manipulating the play-back – adding sound effects to create new fun with sound. Players can also change the speed or add sound effects to songs, enabling them to create their own unique mixes, as well as learn words and instrumental solos more easily.

Download Nintendo DSiWare and customise your Nintendo DSi with a whole host of new titles and applications...

You can customise your Nintendo DSi by downloading games and applications from the Nintendo DSi Shop, in addition to being able to carry around your Nintendo DSi with your very own unique photos & music files. A variety of fun software will be available for download in the forthcoming months. Examples include an application which enables users to make animated cartoons or combine photos to create mini-movies (incorporating both sound and moving images); or the fun-filled WarioWare software which utilises the motion-detecting camera for a completely interactive experience. Users will also be able to download the Nintendo DSi Browser for free from launch, offering quick and easy Internet access from their Nintendo DSi.

All of this and more can be downloaded directly from the Nintendo DSi Shop via the Internet, and thanks to the Nintendo DSi's built-in flash memory these can be saved directly onto your console, meaning you can take all of your games and other applications with you wherever you go.

Packed with features, but thinner than ever

In addition to all of the new features, the Nintendo DSi comes in a matt finish and is a full 12% thinner than the Nintendo DS Lite, making it Nintendo's most portable handheld ever. However, it also packs a punch with bigger, brighter, 3.25" screens. As well as offering downloadable software via the Nintendo DSi shop, the new handheld is able to play games made specifically for the system and most Nintendo DS games - offering access to a library of hundreds of existing titles.

Nintendo DSi launches across Europe on 3 April in black and white.


I actually don't know whether I'd prefer a white or blue DSi. I'm leaning towards white... but I live here in the USA T_T.

GoldenPhoenixFebruary 21, 2009

Quote from: Kairon

I actually don't know whether I'd prefer a white or blue DSi. I'm leaning towards white... but I live here in the USA T_T.

The matte blue is gorgeous.

KDR_11kFebruary 21, 2009

Since I still have a regular DS and got to share it with my mother (who's completely crazy about the Ace Attorney games and now got Cooking Navi too) the DSi sounds interesting but I fear it'll cost 200€ here. For comparison, that's what my XBox 360 Pro (60GB HDD) cost.

TJ SpykeFebruary 21, 2009

Based on the prices in every other region, I think it's safe to assume the DSi probably will be around €150 (€200 is about $256 US, more than the Wii and I can't see even Nintendo of Europe doing that).

KDR_11kFebruary 22, 2009

The DS Lite is 150€ already.

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