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Fujisoft Announces "Everybody’s Theater Wii"

by James Charlton - October 31, 2008, 5:44 pm EDT
Total comments: 2 Source: Fujisoft Official Site

A new WiiWare channel lets you watch TV and movies on your Japanese Wii.

Fujisoft announced this week that it is to launch a rather unique WiiWare title for Japan in December. Simply called "Everyone’s Theater Wii", the channel will allow users to stream TV shows and movies directly to their Wii.

The initial download of the channel will cost 500 Nintendo Points, and each piece of content will cost additional points to view. No details have been released on pricing or what kind of titles will be available.

When the service launches, users will be able to request titles directly from the channel and view rankings of the most watched shows. Similar to other online video services, content will be rented rather than bought through the service, suggesting that there will likely be a time limit or a restriction on how many times content can be viewed.

Predictably, there are no plans to release this channel outside of Japan.


EnnerOctober 31, 2008

I wonder if Nintendo is regretting not having a hard drive if its going to have all these other entertainment services for the Wii. Than again, a video steam can be quite nice (RIP Stage 6).

Also, bleh on paying per content. I wonder if they will have a subscription option, and maybe tie such a thing with cable or satellite. That would be a neat bonus from a provider.

AVNovember 01, 2008

I think Fujisoft is getting greedy. With both a channel to buy, and micro transactions its just not right.  Maybe Japan is different but I think this is a greedy move in a unstable economy.


Is what they should be doing. They have TV shows and Movies, and they have tiny commercial breaks and tons of support.

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