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Defendin' De Penguin Slides Onto Wii and DS

by Neal Ronaghan - September 4, 2008, 9:27 am PDT
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Crave Entertainment's latest game is "the first real-time strategy game designed for kids on Wii and DS."

Crave Entertainment announced earlier this week that their latest game, Defendin' De Penguin, is now available for Wii and DS. The real-time strategy game is focused on preserving Penguin Town's fish supply. IGN noted that "for the audience it's intended for - the young gamer who's never played any strategic game at all before - this could be a great first step into the concepts of the genre."

Defendin' De Penguin is in stores now for Wii and DS for a price of $29.99.

Crave Entertainment Ships Award-Winning Defendin' De Penguin™

The first real time strategy game designed for kids on Wii™ and DS™

Newport Beach, CA -- September 2, 2008 -- Crave Entertainment, a leading distributor and specialty publisher of console videogames, has released Defendin' De Penguin™, the first real time strategy game designed primarily for kids twelve and under, for the popular Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ systems. Help Little Blue fend off hungry creatures eager to steal Penguin Town's fish supply. Using the perfect combination of tower utilization, defensive placement, timing and strategy, Little Blue will save the day.

Defendin' De Penguin was named "Best E3 Wii Game Runner-Up" by 1UP Network. IGN commented, "For the audience it's intended for-the young gamer who's never played any strategic game at all before-this could be a great first step into the concepts of the genre." GameZone said, "As the truly first real-time strategy game that is geared towards kids 12 and under, Defendin' De Penguin will have kids wanting to save the little fur ball from danger." Players use wits and strategy to protect Penguin Town by placing defensive towers to thwart hungry invaders who are stealing the fish supply. Choose from eight different tower types that release an array of environmental ammunition, such as snowballs, ice cubes, icicles and frost to deter woolly mammoths, snow men, seals, snapping turtles and more. Direct Little Blue to catch more fish and retrieve special power-ups so you can upgrade towers to increase attack range and strength as your enemies expand in size, strength and smarts.

Defendin' De Penguin is available now for Wii and Nintendo DS for a suggested retail price of $29.99.


KDR_11kSeptember 04, 2008

Wait, a tower defense game for the DS? Why did they aim that only at kids? It could sell HUGE if it didn't have a limited appeal (and was done well enough, of course).

KDR, you looking forward to Lock's Quest?

KDR_11kSeptember 05, 2008

To what?

MarioSeptember 05, 2008

Lock's Quest.

This actually looks pretty cool to me, but there's no way i'm buying it.

KDR_11kSeptember 06, 2008

So this Ninjatown is another form of tower defense?

Ninjatown is not really an exact tower defense I think (I think). It seems a form of it though. I think you place Ninja huts that spawn Ninja characters who fight the bad guys who DO walk on a set path.

Defendin' the penguin, I believe, is a traditional tower defense, meaning the enemies walk on a set path while you create towers (igloos?) to fire away at 'em...

And I know that Lock's Quest is inspired by Tower Defense games, but I'm not too sure what exact form that game takes too. It IS being made by the guys who made Drawn to Life though...

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