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by Mike Gamin - August 10, 2007, 12:45 pm PDT
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Boy, that goddess is showing a lot of skin!

After Ike was revealed, Sheik and Ganondorf were confirmed, and the elaborate adventure mode was teased about last week, we forgot to do a round up of the smaller pieces of news for the week. Don't fret though, as we rolled them into this week!

K.K. Slider's got nothing on DK.New Final Smash: Donkey Kong's Konga Beat
Donkey Kong's final smash was revealed and much like the scrolling Rumble Falls stage, it is pulled directly from his Bongo Drum adventures on the GameCube. If DK grabs a Smash Ball, he'll immediately sit down and pull out a pair of bongos. Left, right, clap, clap, clap! The game will still take button input during this move, so players can decide when to hit the bongos. Presumably, the move will somehow distract the other combatants, as it was hinted that the best time to use this move may be while a stage is scrolling. It could be yet another suicidal move in Donkey Kong's arsenal!

New Item: Pitfall
Joining Smashville as another aspect of the game themed after the Animal Crossing universe, the pitfall item was announced. It will work almost exactly like it does in Animal Crossing. If placed on the ground a trap is set. When a player walks on that location, they will be temporarily incapacitated as they wiggle around trying to get out. Unlike Animal Crossing though, once it is set it becomes completely invisible. Players will have to try and remember where it's located! As a final twist to the item, if it is placed on a pass-through floor (a floor that players can jump through from directly below and still land on) the player who springs the trap will actually fall completely through it.

New Stage: Castle Siege
Following Ike's announcement, a new stage based on the Fire Emblem universe was officially revealed. It had previously been seen in some of the official trailers, but some interesting information about how the stage changes was included in the blog update. There will be at least three main areas in which a match takes place. They will start out on the castle walls, where flaming catapult bombs will be flying around. After a certain amount of time the floor will break and players will fall into the throne room. There large stone statues will be holding up platforms. These statues can be destroyed, changing the layout of the stage. That's not all though. Apparently that floor can shatter as well, causing players to fall into the underground, which was only briefly hinted at.

New Item: Smoke Ball
Possibly created by some developers just having fun with the extra horse power of the Wii, the Smoke Ball item has been introduced. It looks like a little ball of yarn. When thrown, it simply explodes into a little puff of smoke, making it harder to see what is going on. It has no direct effect on any of the characters. Each one apparently explodes into one of several possible colors. Changing the game settings so all you get is a ton of this item could make for some interesting, fog filled matches.

Have my sword!New Special Moves: Ike's Up and Standard
Continuing the onslaught of Ike, some of his special moves were revealed this week. His Up move, called Aether is an aerial combination that involves throwing his sword. He starts out by tossing the sword at another character. Presumably, this launches the character high into the air along with the sword. Ike then jumps up, catches the sword, and slices downward for a combination of hits. One of the interesting bits of information also revealed with this move is that several of the characters (including Ike) will not flinch while performing their special moves. This means it's impossible to interrupt his Aether attack, but you can still hit him to raise his percentage! A single screenshot and caption was shown of his standard special move, called Eruption. From what was shown, it appears to create an eruption of fire directly in front of Ike. It was also said that this move can be charged up, varying the size of the ensuing explosion.

New Music: Kid Icarus: The Underworld
A brand new song was revealed on Wednesday. It comes directly from that memorable music in the first stage of Kid Icarus. Watch out! Towards the end the Grim Reaper will see you and you'll die! Man this game is HARD! Too hard for most people APPARENTLY! Tanaka Hirokazu is the Composition Supervisor on the song. He actually wrote the original music for the game and is currently the president of Creatures Inc. Sakai Shougo is the Arrangement Supervisor. He's worked for HAL for a number of years and his pieces can be found in titles like Mother 3, Kirby Air Ride, and Super Smash Bros. Melee. To listen to the piece, head on over to the Dojo.

New Final Smash: Pit's Palutena's Army
If Pit grabs a Smash Ball, a humongous Palutena will appear in the background of the stage. She'll summon an army of flying Centurions, complete with golden winged helmets, to attack Pit's opponents. The Centurions will dive bomb other players at high speed. These attacks are not unlike Kamikaze, as they fall in battle after just one dive. Based on one of the screenshots (featuring Ike) it looks like it may be possible to block these attacks. No one knows for sure though.

New Item: Franklin Badge
Coming right out of the Mother/Earthbound series, this item can be picked up and worn by any character in a battle. Named after Benjamin Franklin, the wearer of the badge will reflect any projectile attacks thrown at them, much like it reflects lightning attacks in the Mother games. Probably the most exciting aspect of this news is this mock question and answer posed at the beginning of the blog post.

Q: Why does it say MOTHER on this item?

A: Is there anything WRONG with having an item that says that?

Now this could be taken two ways. One, maybe they are just saying this because the games weren't called Mother in North America. Two, maybe this is just a not so subtle hint that the official Ness announcement will be coming soon. After quickly checking the Japanese version of the blog and seeing the same question and answer there, the first option doesn't seem to make sense anymore. So is it time to see the new Ness model on Monday? Sounds possible!

That's it for the latest batch of updates! As usual, head over to the official blog for updates as they happen. Now, thanks to long time forumer Bill, you can see all of the updates, organized by type, in a handy thread over at the brand new Super Smash Brothers Discussion forum. Check it out!

Jonathan Metts and Aaron Kaluszka contributed to this article.


pSYCO-gAMER321August 10, 2007

Ness is bound to show up soon. All the original fighters will be back

NWR_pap64Pedro Hernandez, Contributing WriterAugust 10, 2007

"Boy, that goddess is showing a lot of skin!"

And it was that comment that launched a whole new forum dedicated to SSB face-icon-small-wink.gifface-icon-small-happy.gif

Bill AurionAugust 10, 2007

You'd think such a powerful deity as Palutena would do more with her powers than create a new forum!

NinGurl69 *hugglesAugust 13, 2007

If she's so powerful, why does she need to wear clothes?

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorAugust 13, 2007

Because if she didn't, looking right at her would make you go blind at least, that's what they say about masturbation...

KDR_11kAugust 13, 2007


Originally posted by: Professional 666
If she's so powerful, why does she need to wear clothes?

Dunno, ask the God of War devs.


Originally posted by: pSYCO-gAMER321
Ness is bound to show up soon. All the original fighters will be back

I disagree highly. Marth and Roy will not return. They will be replaced with more recent Fire Emblem characters (see: Ike). It's quite possible Ness will be replaced with the protagonist from Mother 3. It's not like they've cared if a game was released in all territories before.

ArbokAugust 14, 2007


Originally posted by: Crimm
I disagree highly. Marth and Roy will not return. They will be replaced with more recent Fire Emblem characters (see: Ike). It's quite possible Ness will be replaced with the protagonist from Mother 3. It's not like they've cared if a game was released in all territories before.

Marth and Roy aren't some of the "original fighters" (i.e., the N64 ones). Anyway, I suspect Marth will be back, as it's not like his game was recent when Melee was released anyway. Also, if anything, the Trainer's selection of Pokémon prove that the characters don't have to be the most recent from their particular franchise to make it in.

I do have doubts about any of the clones, though, save Ganondorf. Game & Watch might be another question mark, but he was so unique in terms of playstyle that I would hope he would be back as well.

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