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Take Two to Develop for Wii

by Karl Castaneda - June 9, 2006, 3:48 pm PDT
Total comments: 10 Source: Next-Gen.Biz

Rockstar's parent company has Nintendo's newest console in its sights.

According to a recent article at Next-Gen.Biz, detailing Take Two's financial status and development plans, it was revealed that the company is interested in making games for the Wii. Citing its immense popularity at E3, president and CEO Paul Eibeler had this to say:

"The positive [aspect] for us is that we haven't been a big player in the Nintendo platform," said Eibeler. "The reception that [the Wii] received at the E3 show is one that makes us take a real strong look at it. As we grow our sports business, there are opportunities with our sports games to extend them to the Wii system, particularly if you look at baseball, where we have an exclusive arrangement, as well as some of the other sports games that would play extremely well on the Wii product.

"...And some of the 2K products will be, [that is,] have an opportunity on the Wii. It's really a late '07, '08 opportunity for us, but it presents an additional revenue stream that we didn't have before."

Specifics are scarce, so stay tuned to PGC as more on this story develops.


SlayerZeroJune 09, 2006

Killer. Mabye now Nintendo can have some decent Mature games and GOOD sports games to shove in the face of those Nintendo haters saying they're too childish.

WuTangTurtleJune 09, 2006

Plz bring somethin besides a baseball game, im not ackin for GTA but it wouldn't hurt. Something totally off the wall would be a lot better. Seriously Wii should be inspiring new game breaking genre titles not cash in titles.....Good news for Nintendo in the end though, looking forward for something good from Take Two.

BloodworthDaniel Bloodworth, Staff AlumnusJune 10, 2006

They probably will bring GTA now that you can use the controller to beat up prostitutes even more realistically.

ShyGuyJune 10, 2006

I don't think I wanna see Hot Coffee with the wii controller

couchmonkeyJune 10, 2006

As someone said in the other thread on the boards, it's disappointing that these guys weren't on board until they saw how huge Wii was at E3. I think Take Two is kind of short sighted and I hate what they've done too poor DMA. I still welcome more third party support, but it's kind of like ...uhh...the Hurricanes winning the Stanley Cup because the Oilers' regular goalie got injured. It's not an honourable victory.

Bill AurionJune 10, 2006

Take Two only sees the money, surprise, surprise...

(The Hurricanes were heavily favored before the Oilers' lost their goalie, anyway... face-icon-small-cool.gif.)

IceColdJune 10, 2006

I dunno.. Roloson let in 4 goals and blew a 3-0 lead before he got injured. I guess I've never really liked him that much, although I admit that flipping the puck from his goal and giving Peca that breakaway pass was awesome.

Have you seen Cam Ward's glove hand? Amazing.

GriffinJune 10, 2006


Originally posted by: ShyGuy
I don't think I wanna see Hot Coffee with the wii controller

Remember what Reggie said... it's not about what you SEE, but how it FEELS. face-icon-small-smile.gif

MaleficentOgreJune 11, 2006

The hurricanes are gonna win the series regardless of who's in net for canada. 2k developing for wii is nothing but good. having the 2k sports series will make it seem like more a viable console to the mainsream audiance which will bring more third parties to wii. Cube's third party decline didn't go into full swing until 2ksports pulled off of the system.

KDR_11kJune 12, 2006

I hear the hurricanes won against New Orleans?

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