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Midway E3 Lineup

by Robert Graves - May 18, 2005, 7:34 am PDT
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It's the most 'Dynamic Product Portfolio' in their history. Apparently.

Midway Unveils Lineup For 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo

Most Dynamic Product Portfolio in Company's History Includes Premiere of Kids, High-End PC and Next-Generation Titles, Rise & Fall...

CHICAGO, IL, May 18, 2005 - Unveiling one of the most diversified lineups in company history, Midway Games Inc. (NYSE: MWY), a leading interactive entertainment software publisher and developer, announced today its product line to be shown at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), May 18-20 in Los Angeles. Midway's E3 2005 lineup features such highly acclaimed brands as Blitz ® : The League TM , L.A. Rush TM , Mortal Kombat ® : Shaolin Monks TM , The Suffering ® : Ties That Bind TM and Unreal Tournament ® 2007. This year's portfolio also showcases the company's new kid's properties as well as the first look at its high-end PC titles and new offerings for the Sony PlayStation ® Portable entertainment system.

"We are extremely pleased with the quality and diversity of our 2005 E3 lineup as it truly reflects our product strategy," said David F. Zucker, president and CEO, Midway. "Not only do we have a slate of new products already in development for the next-gen systems, but we are also bringing select high-profile properties to the new Sony PSP as well as entering the high-end PC market and the kid's category."

Midway's exciting E3 product lineup includes:


Midway's lineup for the PlayStation ® 2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox ® videogame system from Microsoft, and the Nintendo GameCube TM features such exciting properties as:

Blitz ® : The League TM (PS2, Xbox; Winter 2005) - The celebrated arcade-style football

franchise is back and better than ever with a new treatment of America's most popular sport. Blitz: The League is an unlicensed video game exposing the harsh realism and troubling, behind-the-scenes stories of a fictional professional football league. While Blitz: The League maintains the brand's popular core elements - bone-crunching late hits, high-speed action and over-the-top animations - it also features a powerful new storyline that will captivate gamers from the first play.

Gauntlet ® : Seven Sorrows TM (PS2, Xbox; Winter 2005) - The legendary arcade classic Gauntlet is reborn with a new vision, story and gameplay in Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows. Seeking to undo the past, a powerful emperor gets lost in the madness of his own dreams and nightmares. Four immortal heroes, who were once imprisoned by the emperor for two centuries, set out to undo his lifetime of regrets. In the process, they must deal with the consequences of their own actions and watch as the world shakes apart around them. Seven Sorrows is the fusion of fantasy fighting action with the strategy and fascination of user-friendly RPG elements, and challenges gamers in single-player and co-op modes as Gauntlet goes online for the first time.

L.A. Rush TM (PS2, Xbox; Fall 2005) - Buckle up, rev the engine, drop the clutch and blast off in Midway's high-octane arcade racer, L.A. Rush. In L.A. Rush, players join the crew at West Coast Customs to pimp their ride and live the lifestyle of an L.A. street racer. An exciting and unique story-driven experience allows players to race through five wide-open Los Angeles city re-creations filled with all of the heart-pounding treacherous shortcuts and death-defying jumps that have made the Rush franchise so addictive.

Mortal Kombat ® : Shaolin Monks TM (PS2, Xbox; Fall 2005) - Experience the Mortal Kombat franchise from an entirely new action/adventure perspective by exploring the vast Mortal Kombat II universe as two of Mortal Kombat's favorite Shaolin Monks: Liu Kang and Kung Lao. It's the first time ever a Mortal Kombat action/adventure title has featured a multidirectional Kombat system, joining an array of features that include a deep storyline, singleplayer and two-player co-op modes, more comprehensive fatalities, mutalities, brutalities and special attacks.

The Suffering ® : Ties That Bind TM (PS2, Xbox, PC; Fall 2005) - Journey back into the madness as Midway reveals the next riveting chapter to its critically-acclaimed action-horror franchise, The Suffering. Building upon the predecessor that redefined the action-horror genre, Ties That Bind features more disturbing horror, new twisted creatures and ultrarealistic environments. Set in the slums and prisons of Baltimore, the player once again controls Torque as he seeks revenge against the mysterious grand manipulator, Caleb Blackmore, a man somehow tied to the death of his family. Players explore the tough and unforgiving inner-city streets where poverty and urban injustices trap people as effectively as a prison. The unique morality system returns, as players delve into the perverse world of Torque's sanity to discover his past while struggling to control his future.


Midway debuts its first next-generation title:

Stranglehold TM (Fall 2006) - Stranglehold, a third-person, action/adventure game set in Hong Kong and Chicago, is being developed in collaboration with world-renowned action film director, John Woo. Featuring international action film star Chow Yun-Fat as Inspector Tequila, Stranglehold will feature the hyperkinetic, choreographed action and freeze framed sequences made famous by John Woo. Stranglehold is scheduled to be available for nextgeneration console systems in Fall 2006.


Midway's new family-friendly titles include:

Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures TM (PS2, GC, GBA, PC; Winter 2005) – Inspired by the wildly popular Cartoon Network TV series and licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures, allows players to be their favorite hilarious characters in a Tag Team Antics game for the whole family. Played from a thirdperson perspective, the player controls all three Eds at once, and must use each character's unique abilities to complete whacky scam objectives.

Midway Arcade Treasures TM 3 (PS2, Xbox, GC; Fall 2005) – It's retro racing at its finest as Midway delivers its next treasure chest of classics with Midway Arcade Treasures TM 3, which includes eight all-time classic racing games for current generation consoles - many for the first time. Smash hits include S.T.U.N. Runner TM , Hydro Thunder ® , Super Off Road TM , San Francisco Rush 2049 TM , plus many more.


NephilimMay 18, 2005

yay gc gets the crappy family friendly titles
heck I dont even know why they bother making Gauntlet's, they havnt been fun in 10years

Infernal MonkeyMay 18, 2005

That new Rush game sounds like its going to make me angry. Angry because WHAT THE HELL, MIDWAY. IT'S RUSH, NOT NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND.

Needs more Klax for DS >=|

Kamek_XMay 23, 2005

I'm surprised Midway is still alive. Mortal Kombat, please! I cant believe there still dragging that dead horse!

KDR_11kMay 23, 2005

Hell, they just hired John Romero, he didn't have enough time to completely sink them yet! Expect Midway to sink around Christmas, when Daikatana 2 is announced.

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