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Nintendo News Report: E3 or PAX SouthWest?

by Alex Culafi, Zachary Miller, and Donald Theriault - February 10, 2017, 12:12 pm PST
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The doors are open, but will they be again?

Hey everyone! Tonight at 10pm, join Alex and Donald (Zach, sadly, was a late scratch due to an upper body injury) for a very chilly Nintendo News Report. Up for bids tonight: E3 opens their doors to a lucky few (thousand), Skylanders shuts down for a year, Donald's most important Switch game got a release date, and week 1 of Fire Emblem Heroes is in the bag.

Don't forget to grab the audio version of the show on iTunes or in your podcatcher of choice!


AqueousFebruary 10, 2017

I started with Scared Stones as a 3ds ambassador.  I'd say Conquest has the better story then Birthright but there is more challenge. Heroes has a chuck of tactics hidden behind "green" or field abilities allowing extra movements and options, as well as a lot of advance prep with learning the skills in a better order for what you need. But ultimately it basically takes two rolls or 40 orbs to get a decent team going and it took me 60 to find a 5 star character. Ultimately I'm reaching a point where stamina is slowing down as I dig into Lunatic since chapter 9-4/5 are not looking friendly to clear to gather more orbs. Hope they keep expanding it and adding ways to get feathers so I can build my level 5s beyond random luck which has given me to flying Axe Wyvern Riders.

Edit: One thing that bugs me is the threat I'll get better versions of guys I have, therefore meaning my training of them was poorly placed. This has kept me away from raising some heroes as much as I could be.

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