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This Could Be the Nintendo Switch Mini

by Mitchell Parton - June 18, 2019, 4:36 pm PDT
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Surprise, surprise: It looks like a Nintendo Switch but... smaller. And with a D-pad.

A Chinese company has posted a series of accessories on their webpage that appear to be for the unannounced Nintendo Switch Mini.

Twitter user @Cptn_Alex posted the following tweet Tuesday morning, which says that he received an email from a company claiming to sell Nintendo Switch Mini accessories, including carrying cases and screen protectors.

The product pages are still active on Honson's website at time of writing. Screenshots posted on the storefront show images of a smaller Switch sporting a D-pad along with built-in control sticks and buttons. The bottom of the device appears to still have the same connectors as its bigger brother that would connect the device to a dock.

Twitter user @ZhugeEX responded to the post, mentioning that Chinese companies frequently make posts like this with their own renderings of unannounced products.


ShyGuyJune 18, 2019

The Nintendo Switch mini may be real, but the picture isn't https://www.neogaf.com/threads/speculating-about-a-nintendo-switch-mini.1360835/

Bman87301June 18, 2019

The one shown in most of the images is a mockup that's been floating around for at least a year. But even if this was the first I was seeing it, I could still tell you it was fake by the fact it has both a D-Pad and a + button of the same shape which would cause too much confusion. The it's a pretty safe bet the + button on the real thing will be a circle with a "+" printed on it, like on the Pro Controller.
I've never seen the one featured in the image with the shell, so there's a chance it could be legitimate, but I remain skeptical.

Bman87301June 18, 2019

I've since visited the site and viewed the full size image of the black one puctured with the clear shell, it also has the same 3D-shaped + button, so we can safely assume it's fake too.

AdrockJune 18, 2019

This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

LemonadeJune 18, 2019

Im sure we will see a new Switch eventually, but I really don't think this is it

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