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New Resident Evil Game Heading to 3DS This Year?

by Patrick Barnett - May 8, 2012, 10:43 am EDT
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Could we be seeing a new RE game on 3DS this year?

A new Resident Evil game, tentatively titled Resident Evil: Degeneration-Damnation-Downfall 3D, might be coming to 3DS later this year. This news supposedly came from an article on Digital Spy, which has since been removed.

Two of the subtitles for the game are references to movies that would be available on the game cartridge. The last, Downfall, would be a new game in the Resident Evil series.

Downfall would take place between Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, and would reportedly feature Claire Redfield as she witnessed the downfall of humanity.

Two Resident Evil games were already released on the 3DS within a year of each other. So seeing another on the system is by no means a stretch. With E3 less than a month away, we will surely know soon whether this rumor has any validity.


AdrockMay 08, 2012

Oh my Gawd, yes! Please let this happen (if it plays like Revelations). Can I play as Angela Miller and Leon in the same gane? I'm licking my lips in anticipation of more things regarding this.

leahsdadMay 08, 2012

There was a second RE CG movie?  Saw Degeneration on Netflix instant.  Figured with my family watching an average of about 30 movies / tv episodes per month, at $7.99 a month, that cost me $0.26.  That RE movie was not even worth that.

KITT 10KMay 08, 2012

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE let it be true! I agree with Adrock, if it plays like Resident Evil: Revelations then this game will kick ass too!

AdrockMay 08, 2012

Quote from: leahsdad

There was a second RE CG movie?

Damnation isn't out yet. It stars Leon again and takes place in Europe. That's about everything known about it. Capcom released a really short teaser last year. The movie should be out this year.

ejamerMay 08, 2012

Just started playing through Revelations again, and am just as impressed now as when it first came out. Even if it's just a rumor this is good news for 3DS owners.

leahsdadMay 08, 2012

I wouldn't mind seeing some of the Revelations characters coming back.  O'Brian.  Parker.  Guy with big red hair.  Girl who is wearing a wetsuit that's, completely inexplicably, missing the ENTIRE RIGHT LEG.

EnnerMay 08, 2012

Quote from: leahsdad

Girl who is wearing a wetsuit that's, completely inexplicably, missing the ENTIRE RIGHT LEG.

Asymmetry is totally what's "in" in fashion. Being in a combat situation be damned!

Chocobo_RiderMay 08, 2012

As long as the game plays like Revelations I would be all over this but.... so soon? Just seems a little too good to be true.

broodwarsMay 08, 2012

Quote from: NinSage

As long as the game plays like Revelations I would be all over this but.... so soon? Just seems a little too good to be true.

I think Capcom's scrambling to make up for less-than-expected sales of many of their other games, and Resident Evil has shown to be on of their few franchises people don't seem to think they've milked to death yet.  Plus, they probably want to make us all forget about Operation Raccoon City's underwhelming quality as soon as possible, which is similarly probably why they announced RE6 when they did.

And I was surprised as well to read that Capcom had another CG Resident Evil movie in the works. Wasn't Degeneration mediocre enough as it was?  Yeah, it was better than the Live Action movies, but that bar is set so low I think it sits in a trench on the ground.

AdrockMay 08, 2012

The problem with Degeneration is that Capcom took the worst part of Resident Evil and presented it without the best part. It's not good by any measure of the word (nor is it absolutely terrible) but it's not hurting anything. I kind of wish Degeneration and Damnation were playable though. While it sounds like you get 2 movies and a game, I feel like this rumored title is a great opportunity to let fans play through these scenarios. Yeah, there's an N-Gage/iPhone game based on Degeneration but I'm sure it's terrible. Degeneration was definitely not long enough to be its own game but with 2 additional scenarios, it could at least be as long as Revelations.

oohhboyHong Hang Ho, Staff AlumnusMay 08, 2012

This is far, far too soon, especially since it is just more of the same. I would probably be alright with another RE game if it was something out of a completely different genre like a linear/quasi open tactical RPG with some sort of endless survival mode. RE:R was good, but not the best and I am definitely not hungry for more for a while. RE needs some innovation, not another action game.

Chocobo_RiderMay 08, 2012

Good points all around.

I was fine with Degeneration.  I considered it an enjoyable, though shaky, step in the right direction.  If Damnation can improve on a few things it will be a special entry in the franchise.

Evan_BMay 08, 2012

Hot damn, give me MOAR Revelations style gameplay and I'm down. Don't make the story heavier than Revelations, though- I enjoyed the balance of total stupidity and high-stakes drama.

house3136May 09, 2012

Let me preface my statement with the fact that I bought RE: Revelations on release day and played it through at least 4 times, including Hell Mode twice. I love the Resident Evil franchise, and this is probably the only 3rd party game that convinced me to purchase a 3DS. That being said, my main problem with Revelations, is that it reused the same environments too many times. The ship, the snowy mountains, and the Terragrigia offices were reused a minimum of two times over. Running through the exact same environment with a different character, without any new puzzles or real objectives, doesn’t cut it for me.  When Masachika Kawata touts the game as being a full console experience, I can only assume that is in comparison to RE: 1-2. The amount of diversity in this game is only a fraction of RE: 4-5. I understand it’s handheld title, but don’t hype it to something it’s not.  I assume the game development cycle (including pressure from Nintendo over initially slow 3DS sales) and the fact the game’s sales probably wasn’t going to warrant a huge project were also a factor. I would certainly welcome another Resident Evil on 3DS, and the return to “survival-horror” is much appreciated (as long as the mood isn’t constantly interrupted by horrendous dialogue between idiotic characters.)

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