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Swingin' Ape Takes Over Starcraft: Ghost

by Jonathan Metts - July 8, 2004, 2:25 pm PDT
Total comments: 11 Source: Blizzard

Blizzard hands over the game's development to the studio behind Metal Arms.

Blizzard has released a brief note to the media, stating that Swingin' Ape Studios has been hired to complete development on Starcraft: Ghost. The game's previous developer, Nihilistic, parted ways with the project a couple of weeks ago. The agreement with Swingin' Ape Studios also means they will be working on other multiplatform games once Ghost is completed, which amounts to confirmation of more upcoming console titles from Blizzard.

Swingin' Ape is the team that created Metal Arms: Glitch in the System for Vivendi Universal Games (which is Blizzard's parent company). Metal Arms could be considered a sleeper hit, as quite a few copies have been sold since the game's price was reduced after poor initial sales. Critical reviews for the game were very good, but it struggled for attention amidst the 2003 holiday onslaught of games.


SylJuly 08, 2004

I love Metal Arms to death, so I have very high hopes for this.
I really hope the game sells well, mainly so that Swinging Ape can get the funds they need for a Metal Arms sequel.

Of course, this might actually turn the game into a far more action based game, i hope they can show off some stealth talent to go along with it...

Ian SaneJuly 08, 2004

Swinging Ape is going to be under a lot of pressure now. Pressure to deliver up to Blizzard and StarCraft standards and of course pressure to get this game out in a reasonable frame of time. However if they deliver they have a chance to raise their status in the industry considerably. Hopefully they can deliver. I wish them the best of luck. A broken game can be fixed. Halo disappointed at E3 but delivered at release and Retro Studios went through a lot of problems on the way but still delivered Metroid Prime.

DjunknownJuly 08, 2004

I know we've beaten the On-line argument to death (and beat it back to life) in Iwata's comments/ravings story, but hopefully when Blizzard says all 3 will be equal (on-line play), they really mean it. Or its another shafted port.

- NintendoFan -July 08, 2004

Can you even go online with this game on any system?

Flames_of_chaosLukasz Balicki, Staff AlumnusJuly 08, 2004

I dont think this game is online enabled on any console it will probably have multiplayer tho.

Perfect CellJuly 08, 2004

Im not liking this... i wanted a MGS like stealth game... from what Gabe and Tycho had on Penny Arcade it became an action game... thats not what i want... and it might make this game become a disapointment... Metal arms was good though

KDR_11kJuly 08, 2004

I think if they wanted to make it an action game they should go all the way and make it Star Craft: Firebat.

mouse_clickerJuly 08, 2004

I think the fact that it's changed developers isn't good news at all. Even if the new developer is talented, why did they need to switch? And how well can the current developer pick up where the previous one left off?

Infernal MonkeyJuly 08, 2004

The way this game is going, it'll be a launch title for PlayStation 9.

couchmonkeyJuly 09, 2004

Damn. I thought this game sounded really cool, and the screenshots were looking good, but obviously the gameplay wasn't coming together. I hope Swinging Ape can make it work, because I was looking forward to it, which is saying something since I've never even played Starcraft.

nitsu niflheimJuly 09, 2004

I hope that it doesn't mysteriously become a PS2 or Xbox only, or either of the two Exclusive with GCN getting shafted (again) I am awaiting this game, so I hope it is good.

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