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F-Zero GC/AC Japanese Website Online

by Daniel Bloodworth - February 20, 2003, 10:30 pm EST
Total comments: 1 Source: http://www.f-zero.jp

As Nintendo shows off the arcade version of F-Zero at the AOU 2003 Amusement Expo, they've also opened up the official website with full details on the game. NOW WITH MOVIES!

Nintendo has pulled the covers off the arcade version of F-Zero and opened the official website to the public. There are full details on both GameCube and arcade versions of the game, videos, pictures of the arcade cabinet, and details on how the games connect.

There are also several wallpapers that you can download and a contest to win an F-Zero T-shirt and pins. To top it off, the site features a full interview with Nagoshi from Amusement Vision.

F-Zero GC/AC is set to release in Japan this May with a US release following soon after. Our Japanese correspondent Bakudan Yoshinoya will have more details and photos from the AOU 2003 Amusement Expo in the coming hours, but if you can read Japanese, head over to the official site and get your fix now.

Update: They have just posted some movies from the game on the website. Run, don't walk!


Scyth3rFebruary 20, 2003

Holy crap that movie was awesome!

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