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Crave Ships Whirl Tour

by Jonathan Metts - November 5, 2002, 6:26 pm PST
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Trick sports combined with arcade fun now available on two platforms

LOS ANGELES, CA - (November 5, 2002) - Crave Entertainment, a leading

publisher of videogame entertainment products, and the Games division of

Vivendi Universal Publishing (VU Games) announced today that Whirl Tour has

shipped and will soon be at retail stores throughout North America. Whirl

Tour is available for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and

Nintendo GameCubeT.

"Whirl Tour capitalizes on the unique technology offered on both the

Nintendo GameCube and Sony PlayStation and we are pleased to bring this fast

paced, trick-oriented action experience to consumers," explained Anthony

Crouts, Director of Marketing at Vivendi Universal Games.

In Whirl Tour, players assume the role of Wasa B., the roadie for the rock

band Flipside. After the band is mysteriously kidnapped during a concert,

Wasa B. must rescue his friends and uncover the mystery of their capture.

The action takes players through eight creative, colorfully rendered,

interactive levels, including a castle, a theme park, a movie set and even a

floating city.

Whirl Tour features:

· A wide variety of gas, electric, and rocket powered scooters to complete

the game levels.

· Trick skills and puzzle solving are key aspects of the game as players

battle crazy boss characters and pull off a huge variety of mad tricks.

· Several hidden bonus areas and bonus game levels and "mini" games where

players acquire new scooters

· Kidnapped friends, once rescued, become playable characters, and introduce

new tricks to the player's arsenal.

· A soundtrack that includes 33 tracks from 26 up-and-coming bands, covering

four distinct musical styles: Techno, Rock, Punk and Hip Hop.

For more information, visit the Whirl Tour web page at www.whirltour.com

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