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Full Near Final Eternal Darkness shown ...

by Rick Powers - April 2, 2002, 5:59 am PST

At Nintendo's Gamers' Summit Yesterday, Denis Dyack revealed to the press the complete and near final version of Eternal Darkness ...

May the rats eat your eyes in Talkback!

In order to help Nintendo shed the "kiddy console" moniker it has unfairly gained, Nintendo and Silicon Knights showed the press a near complete look at Eternal Darkness. What makes this special is that this is the first time a group of people saw the game uncut.

In order to protect the players from learning too much about the storyline (thereby ruining it), anything people have seen so far has been carefully crafted to eliminate giving away any plot.

Silicon Knight is so protective of the story, it has even created areas and CHARACTERS for the demo that do not exist in the final game. For example, of the 12 playable characters in the game, the Knight Templar character (Joseph De Molay) is NOT in the final version. He was created just for the demo.

In fact, Denis revealed that until the game is released, no one will ever see this much about the game again. At E3 this year, the game will again be cut down into a demo.

We will have full impressions of ED (spoiler free, of course) later tonight after the Summit concludes. However, let me just tell anyone that has any concerns about Nintendo dumbing down the game for a mass market that they can set those fears aside. The game is every bit as gritty, dark, and thought-provoking as we were told it would be. Denis assured all of the press that the delays were solely about making the game better than anyone had expected, and something very special.

And at the LEAST, Eternal Darkness is special.

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