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Sega Ships Soccer Slam

by Jonathan Metts - March 19, 2002, 10:57 am EST
Source: Sega Press Release

...say that three times fast.

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The arcade-style soccer game from Visual Concepts (NFL 2k2, NBA 2k2) and Black Box (NHL Hitz 2002 for Midway) should be available soon at a retailer near you, provided you live in North America. Planet GameCube should have impressions and a review very soon. Until then, you know the drill...

Sega Launches Sega Soccer slam; its first

non-traditional sports game for the Nintendo GameCube(tm)

Genre-Defining Soccer Game Blends Speed, Style, and Action with a Field Full

of Special Moves, Play Enhancing Power-ups and Distinct Personalities

SAN FRANCISCO (March 19, 2002) - Sega® of America announced today the

release of "Sega® Soccer Slam (tm)," an action-packed, smash-mouth soccer


off for the Nintendo GameCube (tm). Produced by Visual Concepts, makers of


acclaimed Sega Sports 2K series, "Sega Soccer Slam" is easy to learn,

challenging to master, and incredible to watch. Employing sophisticated

motion-captured 3D models and multiple modes, "Sega Soccer Slam's" wild cast

of characters will dazzle gamers with their detailed expressions, athletic

prowess and exaggerated personality traits. Prepare for pandemonium when

this addictive game, which takes an unorthodox approach to the world's most

popular sport, hits the market.

"'Sega Soccer Slam' is the ideal title for the Nintendo

GameCube audience with its outlandish effects, engaging comic book-like

characters, pick-up-&-play controls, and all-ages appeal," said Tom Nichols,

director of sports marketing, Sega of America. "This game is an upbeat and

irreverent soccer-inspired experience that is much different than our

acclaimed deep simulation sports titles. 'Sega Soccer Slam' successfully

illustrates the depth of Sega's content making ability."

Building momentum in underground leagues and counter-culture

clubs, "Sega Soccer Slam's" brutal new brand of soccer is played by

cartoonish thugs who take pleasure in breaking rules as well as arms. The

action is intense in the Quest mode, where players select one of the six

elementally themed teams and play through a 10 game regular season and

single elimination tournament in pursuit of the coveted Continental Cup.

During the course of the season, the best players are recognized in a

mid-season All-Star game, statistics are tracked in 24 categories, and money

earned from winning matches is spent on buying accessories and attributes

for the individual players. While victories unlock venues and mystery items

that boost player attributes, the game's Challenge stages, which occur in

between each match, let the players get familiar with the various special

moves and abilities in "Sega Soccer Slam."

With pick-up-and-play controls and a balanced competitive atmosphere

for players of all skill levels, "Sega Soccer Slam" skirts the intimidating

nature of deeper simulation sports games. However, the action in "Sega

Soccer Slam" is fast and furious, as players dole out brilliant spotlight

maneuvers and team specific powered-up plays, all shown with dazzling

special effects. The eighteen players in "Sega Soccer Slam" are as detailed

as they are aggressive. Utilizing complex 3D models, individual voices and

personalities, noticeable facial animations, and more than 1,000

motion-captured moves, including signature goal celebrations and

character-specific kicks.

"Sega Soccer Slam" features traditional matches and tournaments

along with performance-enhancing power-ups and hidden venues. There are five

ruthless game modes, including the aforementioned Continental Cup Quest

mode, the Quick Start mode, an Exhibition mode, and a Tourney mode for

sizzling multiplayer action. An additional Practice mode provides the user

with an opportunity to master all of the complexities of the various

high-flying moves in "Sega Soccer Slam."

"Sega Soccer Slam" is available at retailers nationwide for $49.95. The

game is rated "E" for everyone.

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