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Nintendo adds new internal security

by Mike Sklens - December 17, 2001, 12:07 pm PST
Source: IEmag

Nintendo doesn't want anything being leaked out of their offices, and they're going to make sure nothing is.

Security at Nintendo is pretty tight. It's about to get even tighter. Nintendo of America has chosen a program called Mirage made by Alchemedia Technologies, Inc. to increase the security of documents passed around the company internally.

According to Perrin Kaplan, VP of Corporate Affairs at the big N, "Security is paramount in our company, if information on our products is made public before we're ready, it could have a detrimental effect on our current and future revenues. However, as in any development process, it's necessary to distribute confidential information throughout the company for ongoing production...By using Alchemedia's Mirage solution to secure internal collaboration, we can be confident proprietary and sensitive information being distributed goes no further than the intended recipients." Nintendo will be using Mirage mostly to secure art work and screenshots so that they do not get leaked to the outside world.

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