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I'm coming home Louie!

by Billy Berghammer - September 15, 2001, 8:34 am EDT

In about 14 hours from now, I board a plane home for PGC's world headquarters! Woohoo! Louie, you better kick the chicks out of there and clean the place!

That's right...I'm almost out of here. It's been an absolutely wonderful trip...but my final mission was accomplished on this trip, and I should be on my way home tomorrow. Keep me in your prayers that I get home safe. Boarding a plane right now isn't at all that appealing. But I think I'll be okay.

I've gotten a bunch of e-mails on where my impressions of Monkey Ball and Wave Race are. Well, I've posted them from Spaceworld. There really hasn't been much more to say about those titles impressions wise. I'll save them for the reviews. Heheheh.

Overall, all 3 of the launch titles are must have games as far as I'm concerned.

I think that's about it. I'm about to get kicked out of this internet cafe. They are about to close. I'll have buttloads to update when I get home.

Quickly, I just want to thank everyone that was involved with this trip. You all rule. Gotta roll!


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