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New Info on Mario Sunshine and Marionette

by Jonathan Metts - September 15, 2001, 8:34 am EDT
Source: N-Gaming

Who says official magazines are worthless?

Our fellow website N-Gaming has the newest issue of Nintendo Official Magazine from Europe. The mag contains two very interesting passages about two of the most mysterious games shown at SpaceWorld.

On Mario Sunshine's backpack:

"We’ve since discovered that it is a water cannon, and that it will play a central part in the game."

Doesn't sound much different than most of the online speculation...but this is an official Nintendo magazine, so we can only assume that information to be accurate.

And, on the issue of Marionette:

"It seems Marionette was an early version of a Mario game, which has now gone on to become something completely different. Miyamato would only state that it would be a simple yet complicated game, that may or may not feature Mario."

This would be in addition to the only other fact we have about Marionette, that it's a puppet game. So, you have a simple yet complicated game involving puppets and maybe Mario. Cool!

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