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New Info on Lost Boys GBA Titles

by Jonathan Metts - September 4, 2001, 2:35 pm EDT
Source: Puissance Pocket

Updates on Kaisertal and Fire-Eaters, courtesy of French site Puissance-Pocket.

Puissance Pocket recently spoke with Dutch company Lost Boys Games and got to test two GBA titles in development at their development subsidiary, Formula Games.

Kaisertal is vertical-scrolling, 2D shooter due out in Europe by the end of 2001. It has nine levels, two playable ships, and loads of weapons and options. One interesting feature is that the levels change from day to night. Also, you can apparently earn "money" from defeating foes and use that to earn ship upgrades, not unlike the classic shooter U.N Squadron.

Fire-Eaters is a 2D fighter due in Europe sometime around April. The graphic style is very anime-like, despite it being developed in Europe. We still know little about the gameplay, but there will be a two-player link cable mode and some sort of four-player mode. The current plan is to have eleven playable characters, but that may well change before the game is finished.

Check out Puissance-Pocket.com for more info (in French) and some nice screenshots of each game.

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