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Happy Birthday shout out to Justin Nation!!!

by Max Lake - August 19, 2001, 5:41 pm EDT

What is it with all the PGC birthdays lately? Today, PGC’s programmer papa Justin Nation turns 28, and we’d like to propose a toast!

It’s birthday time again here on Planet GameCube and this time it’s PGC’s programming wizard / Senior Editor / super-daddy, Justin Nation! WHOOOOOOO! Why all the excitement? Simple! Justin rocks in 41 flavahs! (Take that Baskin Robbins!)

Justin has been a mainstay of the Nintendo online scene… A member of the legendary N64HQ until it closed, Justin formed the 64 Source from its ashes, assembling a staff of both HQ veterans and promising new individuals and coding a site from scratch. The Source was a tight ship, and I learned a lot as a writer there. Not everyone always wanted to play by the rules, though Justin’s writing guidelines actually helped everyone improve from the better.

After a few years of decent work running the Source, Justin moved out of the scene… Only to re-emerge with a wickedly notorious idea: why not start covering Nintendo’s next system before anyone else? This plan was dubbed “OperatioN2000” and a new website was coded, a new staff recruited. After awhile, Justin once again moved out of the scene—almost completely, to start a family. The results of these labors was Alianna Nation, a little girl who is reportedly as hard headed as her father.

Meanwhile Billy Berghammer requested to keep Justin’s material alive over at PlanetN2000, the other original N2000/GameCube site and Justin agreed, & joined the Planet, bringing staff and material into the fold. Then, about a year ago during SpaceWorld 2000, after Billy & Ed Shih were able to secure the “PlanetGameCube.com” domain, Justin set to work at coding a new site that would replace Billy’s Front Page extravaganza. The result of massive months of work is Planet GameCube, both a wonder in its organization and ease in updating. Justin made it from scratch.

Nowadays, he’s a busy man with work & family, but he remains a vital part of our little operation, and without him we’d be going nowhere fast. We appreciate more than his genius computer skill; we’ve also benefited from his wisdom and insight too. He’s one clever and creative ol’ bastard…

So Justin, I know you probably didn’t want a lot of hooplah today, but on behalf of Planet GameCube, I gotta say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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