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New Tidbits on Various Rare Titles

by Jonathan Metts - August 13, 2001, 9:04 pm PDT
Source: RareWhere's Scribes

For once, somebody sent real questions to Scribes and got (somewhat) real answers.

The newest edition of Scribes at Rare's official website includes an oddly serious and frighteningly informative exchange between Leigh Loveday, various Rare game designers, and PGC's own Jonny Metts:

Dear Scribes,

Well, since you're now accepting questions about the new titles from E3, allow me to direct a few your way in anticipation of witty non-answers.

1. I love Diddy Kong Pilot with a passion. Will it have adventure elements like Diddy Kong Racing did?

2. Will its battle mode be playable with four people and only one cartridge?

3. Will Donkey Kong Racing have as much of an adventure side to it as the previous DKR did?

4. Coconut Crackers... think you'll actually get away with that name?

5. Will Star Fox Adventures still have that dino-flying level where you shoot down an aerial pirate ship... the one that was in Dinosaur Planet on N64?

6. How much like traditional Star Fox games will the Arwing levels be?

7. In Kameo, what's the incentive to not always toss out your trained monsters? At E3, they were free, fun to watch, and really far too effective against the baddies...

8. Also in Kameo, will each creature morph only have one ability like in the demo?

Umm, so there. I know it'll just kill you to visit all those different developer guys, but this is stuff we need to know. Or at least it's stuff I need to know, and that's all that matters in the end.

Jonathan Metts

(Leigh Loveday:) Hah! Dissing my motivation, are you? Check out this bunch of stuff from the relevant designers:

1. "Yes there is an adventure element to Diddy Kong Pilot, as many of the characters in the game have their own Story to play through."

2. "Battle mode will only be playable with multiple cartridges, as we have something special sorted out for them. However, several race tracks will be available to play with just one cartridge."

3. "The adventure element will feature much more heavily, only less so, and will be implemented in some areas, but obviously not others - to a higher or sometimes lower degree than is currently planned."

4. Remains to be seen.

5. "Yes, we still have the dino flying level with the pirate ship."

6. " We haven't actually said yet that there are going to be ArWing levels and if they do exist, then they will be similar though also different."

7. "Every monster will react and respond to fights in very different ways. Some will be very brave and aggressive, others will be timid or passive. The monsters in the E3 demo behaved in a very aggressive way to make it easy for first time players to get to grips with the basic controls."

8. "Each character will have more than one ability in the finished game."

There you go. Sorted. Now get updating them previews, boy.

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