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Metroid Fusion Launching Into Game Boy Advance Expansion Pack Library March 8

by Donald Theriault - March 2, 2023, 8:22 pm EST
Total comments: 2 Source: Nintendo

The gang's... almost... all here.

Last month's six game drop of Game Boy Advance games for subscribers to the Switch Online expansion pack is about to become a lucky seven.

Nintendo have confirmed that Metroid Fusion will be the first game to be added of the announced Game Boy Advance games, and it will be available March 8. The 2002 sidescroller was the last original 2D Metroid for nearly two decades when it launched alongside Metroid Prime in 2002.

At this point, only the remakes of the original two Metroids (Zero Mission and Samus Returns) are missing from the Switch having a complete set of 2D Metroid.


KhushrenadaMarch 03, 2023

Man, this is terrible! WarioWare, Minish Cap, Super Circuit and Metroid Fusion will be on this app and Nintendo showed F:Zero Maximum Velocity as a game soon to be released on it as well. That's half the Ambassador games for the 3DS now available on the Switch Advance app! All the NES ambassador games have been available for a long time now as well. At this point, I'm really beginning to question why I bought a 3DS at launch....

Luigi DudeMarch 04, 2023

Anyone who wants to play this should download the Japanese version of the GBA App, since the Japanese version of the game has more content then the American/PAL.

For anyone that doesn't know, the Japanese version of Fusion was released at a later date and included a Hard mode and the Gallery that saved the ending photo's after you unlocked them.  Both things that many thought were introduced in Zero Mission, where in the Japanese version of Fusion.

To give you an idea, the American/PAL verions of the game has 5 different ending photos, while the Japanese version has 11 ending photo, with an actual Gallery that saves them.  So the Japanese version of the game has a lot more replay value to it.

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