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Treasure on Sin & Punishment

by Max Lake - May 25, 2001, 10:55 am PDT

One of PGC's readers emailed Treasure regarding Sin & Punishment and got a response! Here's what Treasure had to say...

I just got this email from reader “jazz411” who emailed Treasure regarding Sin & Punishment. Since I became addicted to the game during E3 (Billy brought his import copy) I’ve been hoping that the game would make its way to North America. Clearly, I’m not the only one. Here’s jazz411’s email!

“jazz411” says: A few weeks ago I e-mailed Treasure (info@treasure-inc.co.jp) and I asked about releasing Sin and Punishment in the US. If you're interested, here's my mail, and their reply:

“jazz411’s” email to Treasure:


I really hope someone who can read English could answer this for me.

I've asked Nintendo themselves, and they didn't really tell me anything.

Is "Sin and Punishment", for the Nintendo 64, going to be released in

the US? I know that Nintendo publishes the game, and so they have control over it, but could you insist that it be released in the US? It's ridiculous; the game's been out in Japan since November 2000, the voice acting is in English, and there should be hardly any translation work to do on it. I don't see why it shouldn't come out in the US. Your other N64 game, "Mischief Makers" sold well enough. I'd appreciate an answer to this question, because I think every American who likes shoot-em-ups should get a chance to play "Sin and Punishment" without having to pay $90 to have it shipped from Japan!

Treasure’s Response:


Dear sir

Thank you for your mail.

Unfortunately, we don't have any right to decide when "Sin and

Punishment" release in the US.

We'd like to release this game as soon as possible and of course

we repeatedly ASK Nintendo to do so.

Probably some kind of business reasons prevent it, I guess.

We can't do anything about this. I'm really sorry about it.

I would be grateful if you understand our situation.

Hoping you and all of cool gamers enjoy "Sin and Punishment"soon.

Best Regards,



Anyways, that's what I was told about it. Maybe you can ask them more? Their English is pretty good, as you can see, and this is more info than Nintendo would ever give you! What do you think?


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