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Jackie Chan Loves Nintendo

by Jonathan Metts - May 11, 2001, 9:50 pm PDT
Source: Activision Press Release

Games based on the very popular Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon are headed to Nintendo systems.

Although Activision released almost no information about the actual games...not even specific platforms...we now know that adaptations of the popular Saturday morning animated series are headed to either GameCube, GBA, or both. (The announcement might even include GBC, it's hard to tell from the language used.) In case you're not familiar with the show (I know I ain't), here's a brief description:

True to his movie persona, "Jackie Chan Adventures" highlights Jackie's amazing athleticism, humor and real life super hero qualities. The show features Chan as an amateur archaeologist recruited by a secret government agency to defeat the evil organization called the Dark Hand. Along with his niece and apprentice Jade, they travel the globe using their combined intelligence, wit, humor and martial arts skills to locate seven legendary portals and keep the sinister demon sorcerers from entering the earthly realm.
Wow, sounds like Indiana Jones with jumpkicks! Judging from the lack of information and apparent haste with which this announcement was made, Activision secured the license and just immediately decided to send it Nintendo's way. Don't expect any Jackie Chan Adventures games to show up at E3, unless this press release is very misleading.

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