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Advance Wars Returning In 1+2 Re-Boot Camp December 3

by Donald Theriault - June 15, 2021, 12:37 pm EDT
Total comments: 8 Source: Nintendo Direct

This wasn't the set of strategy remakes most expected from Intelligent Systems...

The Advance Wars series is returning after more than a decade.

Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp is a remastered version of the original GBA Advance Wars as well as Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising. It will launch on Switch December 3 with preorders opening today.


Ian SaneJune 15, 2021

I'm of the idea that if you neglect a franchise for 10 years you should reward the fans with a new game.  It's good for these games to be available again but if you've been anxiously awaiting a new sequel this has got to be a punch in the gut.  The same engine could probably be applied to a new game but they probably are waiting to see how this sells before greenlighting such a project.

There are lots of Wars games that American fans have never played.  If they remade those and put the Advance Wars look on them then they would essentially have a new game for the western market with the same lower development cost of a remake.

SheckyJune 15, 2021

10 years?  Checks date for Days of Ruin... 2008.... yeah more than 10 years :D

Advance Wars was a great series to take on trips, as it allowed for some good pick-up and play a few turns, suspend and finish later type play style.  In that sense, it's a good fit for a switch title.

I wish they would have included dual strike in this mix.  The art style was the same and hadn't changed like it did in days of ruin, so it's exclusion almost feels like it's being held back as DLC.  (edit: and if that's true, that *would* be a punch in the gut!)

But I agree, that while the game was pretty polished there are always a few tweaks that can lead to some subtle changes.  Especially 'behind the GUI' changes.  I hope AI improvements have been made, particularly for fog of war.  I forget which one, but one of the titles had a broken implementation.  Better AI could also mean getting rid of some of the cheap tricks they would give black hole's army to make them "harder".  So refactoring some of those elements would be a welcome addition.  Would I feel like S-Ranking a bunch of the levels again... probably not.

(edit: another improvement... more options for animation.  Most of the time I played with them off because I like staying sane.  But having an option to hold a shoulder button or something before hitting A to fire and seeing THAT particular animation because it would be satisfying ... that would be a nice addition)

Cool Uncle VinceJune 15, 2021

WayForward is developing the remakes apparently.

I was expecting a Fire Emblem remake or even remaster. But this is such a fun surprise!

SheckyJune 17, 2021

Quote from: Cool

WayForward is developing the remakes apparently.

Even more of a reason to hope they got all the backend stuff correct.

It would be nice if they freshen things up by adding mechanics/units up to and including Dual Strike

Unify the play experience if you will.  Otherwise I'm not sure how online play will turn out.

StratosJune 21, 2021

It appears that Wayforward is handling this, so IS still has not revealed a major project.

Mop it upJune 24, 2021

I wonder if these will be straight up 1:1 or if there will be some changes and additions.

StratosJune 24, 2021

Hoping its 1:1.2 where just just add any QoLs to streamline things or make balance changes. Some extra content would be nice as well but not necessary for me. I only borrowed one of the games from a friend to play partway through so most of this will be new for me. I played more of Days of Ruin and hope that comes next and doesn't loose its more distinct style. After that would be great to see a new title that builds off of the old ones.

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