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Color Me Speechless...

by Justin Nation - February 26, 2001, 6:25 pm EST
Source: The Anti-Nintendo?

While this isn't directly related to the Gamecube sometimes you just have to see something...

OK, so in the last year Nintendo has surprised me a few times. First they made a mascot fighter, then they made an interesting ad campaign for Perfect Dark... but folks, this tops the list. I'm not even sure what to say... wow. A mix of emotions. Joy that Nintendo has come out of the closet somewhat but boy, did they have to come out wearing the cape, feather boa, and the "I can't even THINK straight!" T-shirt? Nintendo has officially topped anything I could have imagined in terms of making a commercial so utterly not them that I don't know if I'll recover any time soon. If the game is at this level... wow. The game can't get in my N64 fast enough but man oh man... this is a game to handle carefully, this ain't stuff for the kiddies by any stretch of the imagination.

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