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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Sails to Nintendo Switch and 3DS

by Karlie Yeung - March 8, 2018, 2:31 pm EST
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Not only do you get Toad and Toadette on both consoles, you can also visit the latest Mario levels.

The Wii U title Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker will be released on Switch and 3DS, as announced in today's Nintendo Direct.

The new versions of the game will have Super Mario Odyssey levels added and Toad could be seen floating into New Donk City in the footage. There will be a two player mode, where the first player controls Captain Toad and the second player can assist with shooting things.

With some of the action taking place on the Wii U GamePad, the new version of game would work well on the Switch and 3DS screens.

The games will be released on July 13.


TOPHATANT123March 08, 2018

Love this game, would recommend it to anyone who missed it the first time round.

Evan_BMarch 08, 2018

Yeah Nintendo can go screw themselves if they think this game is worth 60 bucks on Switch, even with additional levels.

The original was 40 and I can't imagine they'll add all that much.

OedoMarch 08, 2018

I'm definitely interested in picking this up, as I never got around to playing it on Wii U. Hopefully the new content ends up being relatively substantial.

AdrockMarch 08, 2018

Quote from: Evan_B

Yeah Nintendo can go screw themselves if they think this game is worth 60 bucks on Switch, even with additional levels.

The original was 40 and I can't imagine they'll add all that much.

Tropical Freeze only had Funky Mode added and got a $10 price hike so it isn’t like this is uncharted territory, unfortunately.

I barely played Treasure Tracker on Wii U so this is a pass for me.

SorenMarch 08, 2018

You guys are getting mad over what might just be a placeholder price...

AdrockMarch 09, 2018

Who’s getting mad? Two people said they’re buying Treasure Tracker, and Evan got a little riled up, but that’s it. I already said this is a pass for me (for indifference, not price) so I don’t care what Nintendo charges for it. I have Tropical Freeze preordered. I like to think I’d cancel it if the port is $60, but come on...

Anyway, it’s a little odd that Nintendo didn’t add Deluxe or something to the title. The additions seem more substantial than Tropical Freeze. I wonder what the internal rules are for that.

Evan_BMarch 09, 2018

I said if, Soren. Should they price it at 40, I wouldn't cause such a big stink. It's a full-featured title, but even if they're going for a new audience who missed out on the Wii U purchase, that's a bit of a slap in the face for the original owners.

Deluxe is a title granted to Mario Kart 8 likely because it possessed all of the pre-existing DLC from the original release in addition to new content. Note Tropical Freeze has similar marketing to Captain Toad- an on-the-box graphic noting that the game features new content.

AdrockMarch 09, 2018

Yeah, I suppose. The ports that include DLC get a minor title change. At the same time, the front cover for Bayonetta 1 and 2 don’t mention any of the changes added to the games like Amiibo support or local Tag Climax. Not a big deal, just curious.

Amazon listed the preorder for both versions at 40, so everyone cool the jets.

KhushrenadaMarch 09, 2018

No! Jets must be hot, I tell you! There is the fact that Nintendo will be competing with themselves on price. The 3DS version most likely can't be more than $45 - $50 since that is the high end range of 3DS games. If they have a 3DS version at that price and a Switch game at $55 - $60 then maybe people will buy it at the smaller extra charge for better graphics but I think most would end up going for the cheaper option. There's also a chance that the Switch version would drop in price sooner than later to meet the 3DS price point as well if it is higher. But I guess Amazon is making that point moot.

ShyGuyMarch 09, 2018

Time to finally get this.

Mop it upMarch 09, 2018

That isn't quite the two-player mode I had in mind for this...

LemonadeMarch 09, 2018

I loved this on Wii U. If this version was only on Switch, I wouldnt buy it. The 3DS version will look amazing in 3D, I will definitely buy it.

Luigi DudeMarch 09, 2018

Even though I would prefer a sequel, I'll probably buy it again just for the new content.  I'd imagine we'll get a level based off each Mario Odyssey location you find Captain Toad in, so that alone will be enough to make me double dip.

Of course I kind of wonder if they might change a certain scene at the end of the Switch version.

Captain Toad Ending Spoilers

At the end of the game on the Wii U, it's revealed that Captain Toad was a prequel to Mario 3D World and shows Captain Toad finding the same pipe Mario/Luigi/Peach/Toad took to get to Sprixie Kingdom right after they enter it.  So I wonder if they'll change it to something Odyssey related now since the 3D World reference will make no sense to people who didn't buy a Wii U and play 3D World.

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