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Sony vs. Nintendo and Sega

by Kosta Andreadis - April 1, 2000, 2:11 pm PST

It's true! TRUE I TELL YOU!

In a yet to be released press statement by Nintendo executives, PlanetN2000 has learned of a history making deal between two videogame giants, Nintendo and Sega. Sega who have receieved much success with their Dreamcast platform have signed an exclusive deal with Nintendo that will let them release a "classic Dreamcast series" of titles on the Dolphin platform. Sega have stated that the reason for this is to stay a competitor well into 2001 which they believe to be the time when the Dreamcast will begin its demise. Exactly what titles Sega will be porting over to the Dolphin platform is still unknown at this time but with two companies like Sega and Nintendo joining forces, the future of Dolphin looks a hell of a lot brighter.

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