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Hyrule Warriors DLC Costumes Now Available on Wii U eShop

by Alex Osborn - December 29, 2014, 4:20 pm PST
Total comments: 10 Source: Nintendo Everything

Indulge in some nostalgia-filled goodness with these classic Zelda skins.

Hyrule Warriors' pre-order incentive costume packs are now available for purchase via the Wii U eShop.

A total of four packs are up on Nintendo's online store, three of which include costumes for both Link and Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. The fourth pack, dubbed Demon King, provides an alternate skin for Ganondorf.

You can purchase each of these packs for 99 cents. Let us know which you plan to buy in the comments below!


EnnerDecember 29, 2014

While I like how some of the costumes look, I don't think I will be buying them. Especially since I already Nintendo and Koei-Tecmo my money for the game's season pass which already has some nifty costumes.

StratosDecember 29, 2014

You mean these aren't going to end up as part of the season pass down the road? Kind of a bummer.

pokepal148Spencer Johnson, Contributing WriterDecember 29, 2014

Eh it's 99 cents...

NeoThunderDecember 29, 2014

Free-mium gaming at work. Anything to nickel and dime customers

pokepal148Spencer Johnson, Contributing WriterDecember 29, 2014

Quote from: NeoThunder

Free-mium gaming at work. Anything to nickel and dime customers

I wasn't aware you could get this game for free... and the DLC costumes offer you no ingame advantage so that doesn't work... it's not a freemium model like it or not.

tyto_albaDecember 29, 2014

i was a week late registering this game on Club Nintendo, so i missed out on the Ganondorf costumes. i was happy to purchase these costumes.

NeoThunderDecember 30, 2014

You can't argue with the nickel and diming part. DLC should be a means to add value to the game and extend the life. Some stupid costumes that probably took an hour at most for some programmer somewhere is an insult to me. That would be like baskin robins charging you an extra 5 cents for the plastic spoon

AdrockDecember 30, 2014

I bought the Hero of Hyrule pack. I was hoping these costumes would be included. Oh well. I don't need the costumes and I won't pay extra just for them. If they were bundled with more gameplay, I'd consider it after running through the DLC I already bought.

Nintendo bought the lot for me. /shrug

BranDonk KongDecember 30, 2014

Charging for alternate costumes is always a scam. Still, it's better than one of the worst ripoffs I've ever seen with Mortal Kombat charging $5 per character.

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