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Nintendo Direct: Fire Emblem 3DS Name, Release Date Revealed

by Pedro Hernandez - December 26, 2011, 7:44 pm PST
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Players won't have to wait long for the latest Fire Emblem epic.

Fire Emblem 3DS has been given a final name along with a Japanese release date.

The game was first revealed at the Nintendo 3DS Conference held a few months ago. It is now known as Fire Emblem: Kakuse. Iwata declared it to be an original entry in the series while it retains elements from previous games.

Fire Emblem: Kakuse has been given an April 19, 2012 release date for Japan.


MonteblancoDecember 26, 2011

I love Fire Emblem. However, I am worried if this game will be released by NOA. It has a niche audience and the second DS game was never released outside Japan. If anything, there was a Fire Emblem among the Ambassador line. Perhaps this is a good sign of Nintendo trying to increase the awareness of the brand.

As I said on Twitter, I'm not sure I'd buy this game even if it came here, mostly because of Sacred Stones being one of the Ambassador games. I like the series, but I'm not a major fan, and I never played that one, so I'd probably stick with it despite my apparent goal to own every game released for the 3DS.

CericDecember 27, 2011

If its fully voice acted so I can have the little scenes going on while I'm doing menu work etc. then I'm all there.

themaxtrMarch 06, 2012

the first fire emblem game i played was sacred stones on my 3ds i love it and i'm definitely getting this .

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