Sunsoft Acquires Nihon Telenet Game Library

by Jon Lindemann - December 10, 2009, 6:24 am PST
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Move gives Sunsoft the ability to re-release, or even remake, all titles ever created by the defunct publisher.

After last week's announcement that they were bringing their classic title Blaster Master back on Virtual Console, Sunsoft followed it up this week with even bigger news. The company announced today that they have acquired the entire game library - including intellectual property rights – of defunct Japanese publisher Nihon Telenet.

Nihon Telenet is best known in the West for the Valis series, but also published titles like Arcus Odyssey, Ys III: Wanderers from Ys, and Gain Ground. Their library spans many different platforms, including the NES, Sega Genesis/Sega CD, PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16, and Sony's Playstation.

Sunsoft states that their short-term plan is to re-release the original games on Virtual Console at first. Future plans include remaking classic titles for current-generation systems, and creating new entries in existing franchises as well. Regardless, the company hopes to work its fans into a "frothing lather".

No release dates for Sunsoft's Nihon Telenet games have been revealed, but the company promises that announcements will be made in the "coming months".


Redding, CA – December 10, 2009 – Sunsoft, a division of SUNCORPORATION (JASDAQ: 6736) , has today announced that they have completed the purchase of the entire software library of defunct Japanese game publisher Nihon Telenet. This transfer of intellectual property gives Sunsoft the ability to publish or remake over 100 Telenet titles originally published on key platforms like Nintendo Entertainment System, SEGA Genesis/SEGA CD, and PC-Engine/Turbografx, and Sony Playstation.

Nihon Telenet, also known as Nippon Telenet, who published under the Renovation brand in the USA, was a prolific developer and publisher of popular and well-crafted titles like the Valis Series, El Viento, Earnest Evans, Tenshi No Uta (Poems of the Angel), Exile, and Cosmic Fantasy series, to name only a few. One of the interesting trademarks of a Telenet game was that it was not uncommon to see characters from one title make a guest appearance in a different Telenet game or series.

Kiharu Yoshida, CEO of SUNCORPORATION said of the acquisition, “I am proud to have succeeded in creating a home for this large family of key software. We plan to carefully cultivate the great software base we have purchased with this transaction.”

Victor Ireland, President of GAIJINWORKS was instrumental in helping the deal come about and will assist Sunsoft in the implementation of a publishing plan for existing titles and development plans for those that are chosen to be remade. Ireland effused “After Telenet closed, I was sure there was a way to keep their great ideas and characters alive, and I’m extremely happy that Sunsoft has stepped into that role. There are numerous fantastic products to work with in this acquisition, and there is nothing but amazing possibilities for the Telenet IP as a whole.”

Initial plans are to quickly begin publication of the original software releases on Virtual Console systems available on the Wii and other platforms. Then new development of key titles in the library will be initiated, targeting the best and most-wanted to be remade for current consoles and services. Given that many of the Telenet series had only one of the installments released in the US, some of these Virtual Console and remade releases will be seen for the first time in Western markets.

In the coming months, the order of release for titles from this library will be announced and publication will begin, events sure to work game fans into a frothing lather. Suggestions and comments for the games to be chosen are welcome and can be made on the new Sunsoft USA message boards at www.sunsoftgames.com.


I've never played the Valis series, but I'm all for more content on Virtual Console.

BlackNMild2k1December 10, 2009

I wonder what next weeks announcement is gonna be.

Vic Ireland said that there would be one this week and another one next week too.
Maybe they detail which games are coming to VC first and which games they would like to remake first as well.

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