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Prize Planet Trivia at 9:30 PM Central!

by Jonathan Metts - August 26, 2005, 5:46 pm PDT
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Tonight, you can win a cool prize package full of quirky adapters and capsule toys from Lik-Sang. Pictures inside!

Tonight's prize for Planet Trivia is a package of various Nintendo-themed adaptors and small toys from our import partners at Lik-Sang. (Please note that some items had to be opened in order to take the photos below. The winner will receive these items "as is".) All it takes to win this fabulous prize package is a broad knowledge of Nintendo trivia and fast fingers. The fun starts with TYP hosting at 9:30 PM Central, so make sure you're up to date on the rules. On to the prizes!

All Adaptors

LS Prize: Adaptors

The prize package starts off with three useful adaptors:

GC 64MB USB Memory Card Adaptor

LS Prize: 64MB USB Memory Card

This adaptor is a huge 1019 block GameCube memory card, and it also connects to your computer via USB to save files to hard drive or trade files online. Order your own from Lik-Sang!

Trio Linker

LS Prize: GC > PC Controller Adaptor

This adaptor lets you play PC games with your GameCube controller. It connects via USB. Order your own from Lik-Sang!

Super SmartJoy

LS Prize: SNES/SFC > PC Controller Adaptor

This adaptor lets you play PC games with your Super NES or Super Famicom controller. It connects via USB. Order your own from Lik-Sang!

Stage Figure 2

LS Prize: Mario Toppled Scene

This awesome playset lets you create your own scenes with various Super Mario Bros. characters and items. Here's a different scene:

LS Prize: Goomba Pipe Scene

Here's a look at the thickness of the pieces and background:

LS Prize: Mario and Goomba Scene (Angled)

How does it work? Look at this scene from the front:

LS Prize: Lakitu Scene (Front)

And now from the back:

LS Prize: Lakitu Scene (Back)

Each piece (other than the snap-on pipe) is held by a magnet piece on the back of the set, so you can move the pieces around quickly and easily to create any scene you like. The pieces are sold individually and are randomly assorted. There are also multiple sets available, and each one comes in a box like this:

LS Prize: Stage Figure 2 Box

Each set is also randomly assorted and comes with one character piece (Mario). Order your own from Lik-Sang!

All Capsule Toys

LS Prize: All Mini-Toys

Finally, the prize pack includes seven capsule toys from three different sets:

Minish Cap Capsule Toys

LS Prize: Link with Gust Jar

Four of the toys are tiny keychain figures based on The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Order your own from Lik-Sang!

Wind Waker Capsule Toys

LS Prize: Link's Sister

This figure is based on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and is about twice as large as the Minish Cap figures. Order your own from Lik-Sang!

Nintendo History Capsule Toys

LS Prize: R.O.B.

Finally, there are two toys based on classic Nintendo hardware. In addition to the R.O.B. you see here, there is also a figure of the redesigned NES from the mid-90s. Order your own from Lik-Sang!

All of the pictured items are included in tonight's trivia prize pack! Remember, if you don't win the prize, you can still order all of these items from Lik-Sang, and the smaller items are only a couple of bucks each.

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