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Super Mario Odyssey levels in Super Mario Maker 2

by Xander Morningstar - July 2, 2021, 7:03 pm EDT
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Return to the expansive kingdoms of the greater "Mario" world, in 2D!

Hello and welcome! I have been having a lot of fun in Super Mario Maker 2, and one of the many fun things I have been creating, have been recreations of the kingdoms from Super Mario Odyssey! I have created several videos that show me playing the level, and breaking down the creative process I went through to make them. If you are interested in checking them out for yourself, I have included the course ID's. I welcome feedback on these, and am excited to share them with you. One thing I might note, is that I have noticed I tend to create more exploratory levels, rather than platform challenges, the ladder is what you may expect from a 2D Mario experience. That said, I tried my hardest to make these as true to the source material as possible, whilst also translating to something fun that can be experienced in 2D. Thanks for swinging by! As new kingdoms and videos are added, this article will be updated, and if you would like my Maker ID, it is: LC3-0JN-LRG.

Bonneton - Cap Kingdom

  • Course ID: MG1-J19-YCG
  • Description: You've landed in a dapper, yet spooky land: make your way to Top-Hat Tower!

Fossil Falls - Cascade Kingdom

  • Course ID: 1CD-BXS-N5G
  • Description: The Odyssey needs fuel! Collect Red Coins, then return to the ship! (Roar!)

Tostarena - Sand Kingdom

  • Course ID: MVC-6H1-QRG
  • Description: Explore the VAST desert! Find the six Power Moo- Red Coins! Why's it cold?

Steam Gardens - Wooded Kingdom

  • Course ID: 2TT-K6S-71H
  • Description: The evil UFO flower-thief, Torkdift, is stealing flowers from the garden!

Lake Lamode - Lake Kingdom

  • Course ID: SVS-M2R-KFF
  • Description: Search the clear waters for the treasure coins the Mermaids left for you!

Ruined-Cloud Kingdom

  • Course ID: 7YD-6SS-QDF
  • Description: Two fierce dragons await you: the King of Koopas and the Lord of Lightning.

Forgotten Isles - Lost Kingdom

  • Course ID: 2SR-4GL-FQF
  • Description: Yikes!! Cappy---I mean your Spiny Shell Hat has been cap-napped by Klepto!!
  • Video: Coming Soon!

New Donk City - Metro Kingdom

  • Course ID: VSK-GM0-G1G
  • Description: Mayor Pauline needs your help getting rid of Mechawiggler! How ridonkulous!
  • Video: Coming Soon!

Bubblaine - Seaside Kingdom

  • Course ID: 6SL-GN8-J1H
  • Description: Ride waves, sip Sparkle Water, collect coins, and beat Mollusque-Lanceur!
  • Video: Coming Soon!

Shiveria - Snow Kingdom

  • Course ID: 1YD-MKC-PBG
  • Description: Bound Bowl through races, and try the Frost-Frosted Cake when you're done! Brrr!
  • Video: Coming Soon!

Mount Volbono - Luncheon Kingdom

  • Course ID: MWK-YB4-P7G
  • Description: Cookatiel is stirring up trouble! Traverse Peronza Plaza and grab a bite!
  • Video: Coming Soon!

Bowser's Castle - Bowser Kingdom

  • Course ID: GMY-MK6-JBG
  • Description: Run atop the rooftops and race to the end... Watch out for RoboBrood!
  • Video: Coming Soon!

Honeylune Ridge - Moon Kingdom

  • Course ID: 2TX-X79-YBG
  • Description: Watch your step! The race is on! Save the princess from the royal wedding!
  • Video: Coming Soon!

Peach's Castle - Mushroom Kingdom

  • Course ID: N78-LBK-LLG!
  • Description: Return to where it all began. Explore the paintings, and grab a Power Star!
  • Video: Coming Soon!

Rabbit Ridge - Dark Side Kingdom

  • Course ID: Coming Soon!
  • Description: Coming Soon!
  • Video: Coming Soon!


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