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Arzest Developing Hey! Pikmin

by Neal Ronaghan - April 19, 2017, 3:10 pm PDT
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Why did the Australian ratings authority cause a ruckus?

Before the Nintendo Direct last week, a rating was published for Hey! Pikmin in Australia listing Arzest as the developer. With the revelation of the "Pikmin 3DS" game's name in the Direct, it answered a question that was posed on Nintendo News Report: Who is developing this game?

We've prepared a brief explanation of Arzest's history and how this could affect Hey! Pikmin below:


Evan_BApril 19, 2017

I kind of figured this was an Arzest game from the initial reveal, as it has some of their signature aesthetics. As someone who has absolutely no interest in the products this developer puts out, a huge love for the Pikmin series, and a hefty amount of skepticism regarding the quality of this title, I will say this:

It's obvious that, like Miyamoto, Nintendo has taken a hard look at how much the Yoshi gameplay mechanics are stupid, and a sin against god. Good old Shiggy realized this way back in the Game Cube days when he developed a superior Projectile Throwing Title, AKA Pikmin. Nintendo has realized that the future of the Projectile Throwing Genre lies in Captain Olimar's hands, much like how Mario has wrestled the rights to race in karts from Captain Falcon's mediocre hands. However, in a sort of bizarre reverse transformation opposite to that of Metroid, they have struggled to envision how to move Olimar from the 3D space to that of 2D. Obviously, Arzest was the only choice for a job such as this. No, not Good Feel. Everyone knows Good Feel needs softer material. Thus, the birth of "Hey! Pikmin" came about, to revolutionize the stale 2D Projectile Throwing Genre that has grown decrepit and defunct under Yoshi's name.

LemonadeApril 19, 2017

Good thing I wasnt planning on getting it anyway

Luigi DudeApril 19, 2017

Fuck and I actually excited about it too. :'(  Well at least it'll help me clear my backlog faster since that's one less game to worry about. :-\

Yeah maybe they might pull it off this time but nothing Artoon/Arzest has done in it's entire history has been better then mediocre so I don't have much faith.  If anyone wants to play a 2D Pikmin, just buy Kirby's Mass Attack for the DS which is fucking amazing and lightyears beyond anything the hacks at Arzest will ever even dream of making.

ejamerApril 20, 2017

Quote from: Luigi

... If anyone wants to play a 2D Pikmin, just buy Kirby's Mass Attack for the DS which is fucking amazing ...

Very true!

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