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StreetPass Puzzles Complete Collection!

by James Charlton - May 19, 2012, 6:53 am EDT
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For those unable to get the elusive pink pieces, let me show you my wares!

A couple of weeks ago, I managed to finish the latest couple of puzzles added to the StreetPass Puzzle Swap. A few of you may have finished the Mario Tennis Open one, but even less of you will have seen the Fire Emblem one as it is still currently exclusive to Japan (this will change once the game is released).

As an added bonus, I decided to show the entire collection, just in case any of you haven't seen the older ones yet either. Don't worry, I go from newest to oldest so if you just want to watch the new ones you won't have to wait around long!

Be sure to check out the other videos by the Famicast crew, (linked at the end of the video) like our recent StreetPass Experiments one.

Without further ado, here is the video. Hope you enjoy it!


TJ SpykeMay 19, 2012

Well, it helps that you are in Japan and thus can probably get at least a dozen StreetPasses on an average day. Congrats though, I have yet to finish 1 puzzle (the closest I am is needing 1 more piece for the Metroid puzzle).

fixyourface0814May 19, 2012

This is why I'm glad I live in Chicago. I usually get at least 3 to 5 street passes a week. My partner also has a 3DS, so we pass each other frequently. There's also a group that does meetups every Sunday for street passing and Mario Kart, etc.

Jet PilotMay 19, 2012


That's what Play Coins are for.  If you're not going to use Play Coins then you might as well purchase an airline ticket to Tokyo if you ever plan on finishing the puzzles.

TJ SpykeMay 19, 2012

I AM using coins for the puzzles, but the pink pieces can only be gotten through StreetPass. It doesn't help that repeats of pieces are frequent.

CyrianMay 19, 2012

I honestly hate this forced social aspect of some of Nintendo's games.  You can only catch 'em all if you know someone else who has the other version to trade with; you can only get all the extras in Metroid Prime 3/Trilogy if you know someone else who has the game to get tokens from; you can only complete the puzzles if you happen to pass someone who has them. 
And if you don't pass someone else, don't know anyone else you can trade with, well sucks to be you I guess.

famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)May 20, 2012

Come to Japan and I'll swap some pieces with you guys :)

AVMay 20, 2012

The Fire Emblem is pretty neat. I refuse to watch the others because I am so close to finishing it all too.

Yesterday at comic con I street passed a guy from japan and It said I couldn't get his panel for Fire Emblem because it can only available from spot pass first. That sucks. I don't understand why they locked it out, isn't the whole point of this is to be excited to street pass somebody from out of town? Maybe they should have some exclusive ones for different regions, that would be fun

famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)May 22, 2012

I passed someone from Australia once and it said COUNTRY NOT AVAILABLE on the map screen.

Mmmm, international!

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