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Brand New Bit.Trip Complete Trailer

by Jared Rosenberg - September 3, 2011, 5:11 am PDT
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Commander Video's entire saga will be hitting store shelves in disc form later this month.

A new trailer has debuted for Bit.Trip Complete which will be available for Wii on September 13.

Bit.Trip Complete compiles all six games in the series on a single disc and features new content not found in the original WiiWare editions. Players will receive 20 new challenges for each game, online leaderboards, a free game soundtrack, and more.

Enjoy the trailer below.


StrawHatChopperSeptember 03, 2011

I already own all 6 games in WiiWare form. Any idea if the extra content in 'Complete' makes it worth a purchase?  If not, I'll probably end up getting BIT.Trip Saga, just to have portable versions of all the games.

NinSageSeptember 03, 2011

Nintendo's free demo + disc release = purchase!!

see? not such a bad deal, right Reggie?

SeacorSeptember 03, 2011

online leaderboards - finally!

broodwarsSeptember 03, 2011

I'd actually like to pick up this disc, both as insurance against future Nintendo digital download stupidity and to get that soundtrack CD, but I already purchased all 6 WiiWare games and $40 is just way too expensive.  This collection should probably be $20-$30 like the All Stars collection was.

Thankfully for me, I don't see this game really selling at retail and it'll probably go down in price fairly quickly, so I'll scoop it up then.

That said, if you haven't already bought the WiiWare versions, these are great games (if meant for a very particular audience) and you can't really go wrong picking up this collection.

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