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E3 2015 Podcast Archive

by James Jones - June 28, 2015, 11:00 pm PDT
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With all the E3 goings on we decided to consolidate our podcast offerings into this article. Latest Podcast: 6/28 11:00 PM Pacific

E3 spreads our resources a little thin, so for the time being we've decided to list our podcasts in a single place. Every podcast, from home and show teams, will be listed here. Of course you can subscribe to our AAC feeds or MP3 feeds and have them delivered to you via the magic RSS.

Newest Episode: 6/28 23:00:00 Away Team - Interviews and Final Thoughts

  • 6/28 23:00:00 Away Team - Interviews with R. Tabata and K. Tanaka (Chibi Robo Zip Lash), K. Tsukanaka (Project X Zone 2), and final reactions from the media room at the end of E3 2015 (AAC, MP3)
  • 6/23 21:00:00 Away Team - Wednesday: The Midnight Special (AAC, MP3)
  • 6/17 15:00 Home Team - Tuesday Team RFN (Greg, Jon, Gui) talk Digital Event (AAC, MP3)
  • 6/16 08:00 Show Team - Day Zero conversations (AAC, MP3)
  • 6/16 17:45 Show Team - Tuesday reaction to Nintendo Direct (AAC, MP3)
  • 6/16 15:15 Home Team - Tuesday Nintendo News Report reaction to Nintendo Digital Event (AAC, MP3, Video)
  • 6/16 08:00 Show Team - Day Zero conversations (AAC, MP3)
  • 6/15 18:45 Home Team - Pre-E3 and Monday News and Events Wrap-up (AAC, MP3, Article)

This episode was edited by James Jones. Nintendo World Report E3 2015 music, "Kick Ass" and "Hiphop Suns," were composed by Alex Dyke. More of his music is available at soundcloud.com/alexdickdyke


ClexYoshiJune 21, 2015

so, uh... why isn't this thread in the podcast discussion forum? :o

Moving it could break the Talkback script that auto-generates all those forum threads. It's a fickle beast.

azekeJune 23, 2015

Neither link for 6/23 podcast work for me.

NullNoMoreJune 24, 2015

So glad to find these ... I was worried that something had gone wrong at E3 and there would be no podcasts (yes, I've been checking, my life is that empty). My upcoming long vacation drives will be all the better for this.

ClexYoshiJune 24, 2015

I'm having the same problem as Azeke.

Please try again now! The links should be fixed.

EnnerJune 29, 2015

Stellar work all around!

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