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Where’s Sin & Punishment?

by the NWR Staff - May 21, 2001, 1:55 pm EDT

It was listed in NOA’s E3 press materials but not at E3. Billy’s import copy was played by PGC like crazy at the hotel. What’s up this game? Why is Nintendo dropping hints? Leave it to Louie to provide some answers!

Sin & Punishment, a shooting game by Treasure was shown at SpaceWorld 2000 and got lots of positive attention. Although the game’s speech was in English and the gameplay was phenomenal, it has so far only been released in Japan. American gamers are well aware of the game and it was even listed in NOA’s E3 press materials, although it did not make an appearance at the show. Could the game get a summer release on N64 in North America or is it a lost cause? There is an even more exciting possibility lurking: Could Sin and Punishment be headed to GameCube for the U.S.?

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