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Experts Sound Off On DS vs. PSP

by Jonathan Metts - August 18, 2004, 5:13 pm PDT
Source: GameCube Advanced

Handheld developers and gaming journalists weigh in the contenders for the first serious handheld system war.

The upcoming launches of Nintendo DS and Sony's PSP handhelds will feature major competition for the first time in the handheld gaming market. Our friends at GameCube Advanced have rounded up commentary on the impending system war from a number of industry experts, including experienced handheld developers and gaming journalists. PGC's own Jonathan Metts is included in the roundtable.

The "three pillars" system will not work...you can't segment the market that much. You can't compete with yourself like that, especially not with a very serious competitor entering the ring with a technologically formidable system like the PSP. -Jonathan Metts

For other insightful and incendiary views from developers such as Tantalus, Pocketeers, Shin'en, and Paragon 5, as well as from journalists such as Steven Kent, Craig Harris, and "Fargo", head on over to the full article.

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