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Camp Hyrule 2004 Registration is Open

by Mike Sklens - July 28, 2004, 3:25 pm PDT
Total comments: 11 Source: http://www.camphyrule.com

Get your reg on, and join Nintendo's online summer camp.

Registration for Nintendo's annual online summer camp, Camp Hyrule, is now open to the public. In Camp Hyrule, Nintendo fans from all over can get together in their assigned cabins and talk about all things Nintendo. There are games to play all official Nintendo chats to go to. Registration is simple. First, you'll need a My Nintendo account on Nintendo's official website. After you've got one, or if you already do, just head on over to the Camp Hyrule website and register by entering your My Nintendo username and password.

Update: Thanks to LousySpy in our forums for pointing out that according to the latest Nintendo Power magazine, Nintendo will giving away new Nintendo DS systems at Camp Hyrule this year. However, it's unknown how many will be given away. You'll have to be registered for Camp Hyrule to even have a hope of a chance of winning.


MysticGohan24July 28, 2004

I'm all signed up. I'm a nintendo member hehe

JaleJuly 29, 2004

Right what if we ARENT AMERICANS!!!

I hope there is a chance to win for us as well.

RareWareJuly 29, 2004

Where do you sign up?!?!? I see nothing!

Chode2234July 29, 2004

I did this last year it wasn't much fun IMO, did anyone else enjoy it, or is it simply a chance to win a DS?

3rdrocketJuly 30, 2004

Im signed up too. I thought it was fun last year. I like doing the activities they give you

Blaster009August 02, 2004

I couldn't register, I was gone last week Sunday-Friday without computer access... I gave my mom the registration info, but when she visited the site on wednesday, she said there was a message saying registration was postponed due to technical difficulties... when I got back Friday the message was still there, then later when I visited, the site said registration was closed...face-icon-small-sad.gif When did everyone here register??

StrikerObiMike Sklens, Podcast EditorAugust 02, 2004

Anyone get an email from camp yet? I haven't received a single one since I registered. They usually send a confirmation email, so what's up? Am I the only one not getting them?

3rdrocketAugust 02, 2004

I didnt get one either

3rdrocketAugust 10, 2004

I just realized that yesterday was the first day of camp but I did not get an email. Im sure that I regestered and everything too. has anybody else had this problem?

Blaster009August 10, 2004

Yesterday was August 9th and camphyrule.com says camp begins the 16th...

3rdrocketAugust 10, 2004

oh your right. my comps new and the date was messed up on it. =P

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