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Master Sword Forged

by Michael Cole - March 6, 2004, 4:10 pm EST

Do you pretend you are the Hero of Time in your sleep? Are you the biggest Zelda fan on the block? Well, take a gander at what this Zelda fan owns...

When we read that Paul Hantschel, one of our forum users, owns a real-life replica of the famous Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda series, we couldn’t just leave well enough alone. So we contacted Paul and asked for some details on his little artifact.

Mr. Hantschel emailed blacksmith Rob Miller of Castle Keep, located in Scotland, with the initial concept and original artwork. Around a week later, Rob responded and requested detailed dimensions for every aspect of Link’s Master Sword. After a ten-month wait period and a £1,800 transaction (around $3,300), Rob began work on the sword of legends.

The blacksmith provided updates of his progress during the one-and-a-half-month forging process. With them he included photographs of the sword, which Paul has graciously shared with PGC:

The Master Sword: Basis for design

The Master Sword: Wax mold used to make the hilt

The Master Sword: Pre-pulled for your convenience

The Master Sword: The symbol of Hyrule

The Master Sword: One Shiny Weapon

That’s one great sword, if you ask us! Paul agrees. “Now I've just got to go to my local gravestone peddler and get a Pedestal of Time made up!”

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